Should I tell my parents I am Gay or is it just a delusion?

I don’t know if this is some OCD thing led from psychosis.

Is it all delusional? I tried to explain to my case worker today, and he basically wouldn’t touch this subject with a barge pole…

Honestly this is driving me nuts. I am 33, and I have had suspicion that I am gay since I was 17, but this coincided with my psychosis

Does that mean my sexuality is literally just a delusional mind set, or is it true and I need to come out?

I don’t know what to do, but this is sending my anxiety and stress through the roof!

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Only you can decide to come out as gay or not. Are you attracted to men when your well and medicated? Alot of people with MI struggle with their sexuality.

I know i fought with myself for over 20 years that i didnt like men. But now ive accepted i swing both ways and am BI.

You could just be curious. Relax. I will come to you in the end. Nothing of course wrong with it.

Where you live - try Legends or something (when they are open) and see how you feel. Its not a contest - you dont have to commit straightaway .


I googled it but couldn’t find it but there is an OCD that focuses on intrusive thoughts of being gay.

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I agree that no one can tell you what your sexuality is. Everyone falls somewhere on the Kinsey scale. That is a “sexuality” scale that says you can be straight, bi, or gay or anywhere “in between”. Its the “in between” that’s important. You might be neither gay nor straight but fall somewhere in the middle.

My next suggestion is to work with a therapist and not a case worker to find out the answers to your questions. They may be able to help put your thoughts into perspective.

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My short flippant answer would be kiss a bloke and see how you feel afterwards.


Are you ever attracted to women? Any at all? Have you been attracted to any specific men? Some some sometimes the other?

I agree with Seth’s sentiment. If you wanna ■■■■ men exclusively, then yes you are gay. And thats the end. Close the book - move on.

But it is also possible that you are using it as way to explain your own confusion within your mental health. Similar things have happened to me before. Where I felt like “maybe all this mental turmoil has to do my with my sexuality”. “Maybe the world doesn’t understand me because deep down I’m a closeted homosexual” even though I’ve never been sexually attracted to males. For me it was a way to trick myself into thinking MH isnt the big problem.

If you’re genuinely curious - explore it. It might make you happier if it turns out to be true. But it is also possible that it is a form of denial or a coping strategy to avoid the reality of your mental health issues.

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Is it the stigma your worried about from your family and freinds? Or are you feeling guilty and stressed “cos you never thought you was this way?”

You maybe gay, you maybe straight. It Doesnt matter. What matters is that its causing you anxiety.

If you got feelings towards men - explore it. No ones gonna judge you.

Especially where you live mate!


Perhaps the undercurrent that you may be gay drove you to psychosis?

I’m no doctor, but maybe that was the root of all of your mania?

Are you serious? Or are you joking?

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I’m being serious because @Joker wrote this…

I have had suspicion that I am gay since I was 17, but this coincided with my psychosis.

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Maybe on some level, suppressing or subverting those feelings caused some trauma and contributed to psychosis.

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If someone thought their thoughts about maybe being gay drove them to psychosis then I’d say that’s a pretty clear sign of some deep anxieties and possibly homophobia. And also that it’s not possible. People can live through extremely traumatic stuff without any signs of developing psychosis. Possibly being gay or hating yourself for that is not something that can cause psychosis and I’ve never in my life heard of that happening.

I went through a traumatic event that I never properly dealt with and it came out in spades during my psychosis.

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“I might be gay and don’t want to be” is not trauma. Not even remotely. Traumatic events are events where your own or someone else’s life or health is in serious danger. Like war or extreme accidents.

Trauma is different to each individual.

I was trying to help @Joker

If I’ve gone down the wrong path, I apologize. As a straight male, I’m probably not the best spokesperson on gay issues.


This forum has the tendancy to over anaylse stuff - especially when it comes to sexuality - Just because you have an MI, that is not always the reason for having gay feelings.

Some might be suppressed, whilst they are dealing with getting the mind well.

People need to embrace their sexuality and enjoy it - without feeling guilty and blaming a mental illness on it. Its the stigma in society that causes the distress - not the fact of being gay trans whatever.


I had some traumatic events that probably contributed to my psychosis but not the root cause.
I think if someone was brought up that it wasn’t right to be gay and then realizing you are gay would be pretty stressful. Probably one piece of a puzzle if that’s the case