How do i get my mojo back

How do i get my mojo back. I feel so crook. It seems nothing kick starts me.

You reminded me of Mojo Jojo



The right medication combination works great. Do you take an SSRI?

I don’t know what SSRI means. I just take antipsychotics. Dexis might help.

Okay you can talk to your doctor, I don’t know your symptoms. Do you take a multi-vitamin?\

I love exercising. During sunny days I do up to 20,000 steps a day.

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I think i need to quit smoking and have some fresh air instead. I feel kind of bored/ empty. I take vitamin c supplements. I need a magic goal to change my lifestyle.

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I have a Pinterest page and plan things all day long. Dreaming gives hope and motivation. I love planning ideas, outfits, houses, bathrooms, nails etc.

If you are a male, you can try weight lifting?

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I dream to become a medical doctor. My friends say that is like an astronaut vision. I should exercise again and do some basics for 30 min… They are dreams. I am only 50 years old. I still can start a career.

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I don’t think a schizophrenic person can be a doctor. But you can do other things :slight_smile:

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Yes, my career got ruined since diagnosed sz.
In January next year i get a pianoaccordeon. I will try this. Thanks mermaid.
I thought becoming a doctor is beneficial to others as i am a affected with illness and recovered. Maybe i become a Quack. :blush:


According to a movie I’ve seen a few times, you need to freeze yourself for 30 years and then get it back from the villain who stole it

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That simple. Thanks. :grin: See you back in 30 years. Hopefully the forum will still be here.

Exercise is what your looking for.

It may not be the answer you like, but it works.

Edit: didn’t you just quit smoking weed? Or was that someone else I was thinking of…

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I haven’t quit anything. But when i would have a dream to become true. Certainly my mojo comes back. Tomorrow is eastermonday. Its not an ordinary monday to change to a new life.

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