An Apology -- I went Inpatient

I want to apologize to everyone here. I was drinking 4-9 energy drinks and smoking 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day. I was inpatient for 3 days and am “sober” and clear headed. Thank you. I am sorry for talking about past lives and such and even aliens so much. I feel normal now. Like it was the drinks and ccigarettes making me psychotic and think too fast and much.

I am still on vraylar which works well for me. The hospital I was at was a big disappointment so I left early. I don’t think they even planned on giving me clozaril anyways. I was honest with them. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’m happy to be home.


I see my doctor tomorrow!

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Good to see you again. Did they change your meds?

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No. I asked for clozaril and they weren’t doing anything to prepare for it. No blood tests or anything. The doctor saw me for 2-4 minutes a day and the rest was just doing nothing. I was really disappointed. I think I should have went to one of those 23/7 clinics or just saw my doctor. It’s really the energy drinks that are making me psychotic and possibly the cigarettes, but mainly the energy drinks. I feel super normal and high functioning right now.

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Glad your out. I would check in with your doc and just have a chat. Sometimes feeling that hyper can be a problem even when your feeling pretty good.

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Yes. And I will cut out the conspiracy theories for a while or forever. Junk in, junk out as they say. Energy drinks are poison to me especially that much. Been drinking them for 15 years and it’s still not recognized as a drug or severe addiction. Not a lot of help out there. I feel weak but I’m a 30 year old man. I need to grow up! I need to realize this life and be more responsible.


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