How did you meet your significant other? Please tell your love stories

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This rings true to me, usually if a girl receives your approach positively the rest should be a breeze. Problem is I’m really afraid of rejection. Why oh why don’t girls do it instead, never in my life has a girl tried to approach me first!! The first seconds of an approach will be a waking nightmare for me, if she smiles or seems content to talk then I will ease up but then again she might give me a dirty look and brush me off.

Anyways I don’t think I’m in a situation where I can think about having a GF. My paranoia about my direct door neighbor makes my life a living Hell and I’m sure he’d test us if someone came to live with me. I love women so much, they’re always nice and friendly, never aggressive, the one I catch next I’ll never let go…

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I’ll have to get back to you on that.

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Good thinking,I like that if woman approach you with conversation in mind and with a smile you would have no problem dealing…for me i would prefer lesser interaction but I hope to improve and interact more though

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OK I’ll start first.

The girl I loved the most was going out with a classmate, their relationship eroded and one day while I was on the bus to Downtown she was sitting in the back, I went and talked to her. We set up an appointment to go to the movies a few days later. I met her at a shopping mall Downtown, I was a bit late lol. She told me she didn’t want to go watch a movie instead because we cannot talk and get to know each other there. So we went to a shisha bar, there she told me I was her kind of guy, then we went to a lounge and I sealed the deal by kissing her. We stayed together two years. :smile:


Nice dude that’s a sweet story. Almost sounds perfect.

All I’ve really got talk about it the relationship I had coming outta highschool. It was the only real romantic genuine relationship I’ve had.

Hung out with her a few times, eventually asked if she wanted to hang out. She snuck out of her place and I picked her up. We climbed on top of the school and smoked some weed. She didn’t realize that it was just gonna be us. But she definitely liked it. We ended up at my house making out for a while. I was to nervous she made the move. The ensuring relationship lasted for 4 years or so. Ended over and over again until I was finally done with it.


Hi Gtx1990,

I’m positive you will find someone someday. I’ve seen your pic, you’re thin and athletic, you’ve got plenty of time to master the art of seduction. Me I’m starting to worry as time advances, but you’re right, if a girl shows interest I will more than likely handle things well. It’s a rare thing though. What makes things easier is social gatherings like school where messages travel fast, if a girl is interested in you somebody will end up reporting it to you. I have no sound advice but be on the look out, you never know where an occasion might arise, :wink:

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COOL dude! I can picture a romantic meet-up on a school roof. I would always smoke a joint on the balcony when I went to visit this ex for sex, in the end it is probably what took her from me, and friends alike.

Yeah pots a big no no for me now. Still remember it pretty clearly. Hard to forget the first real make out session.


Yea thanks,I am still inexperience in relationship as I had only been in one relationship before but I am still quite young though,at 24,I will try to be more active socially and hoping that I could be in a relationship as it has always been a dream of mine…

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In the past I’ve met girls at parties or when we were both high or drunk. Not very romantic.

The relationship I’m in now is the best one I’ve been in. My girlfriend is neurotypical and doesn’t do drugs not big on drinking.

But she just got out of a nearly abusive relationship and not looking to settle down. That is why she was moving her apartment.

I’ve lived in this old apartment building for a while. I share the place with my kid sis. We were hoping to get into the other apartment because it’s bigger. So a very nice looking girl was checking out the place and I tried to scare her away.

I told her I was Sz and I am a very scary man.

There would be NO way she would want to live next to a scary man right? But she said she wasn’t afraid of me at all. As we talked, she told me she had an Uncle with a mental illness and she was very fond of him.

She moved in. My sis and I didn’t get the bigger flat… but I did end up with a friend for a while.

My sis swears I was getting the glad eye from the get go… My girlfriend bought so many plants and never knew how to take care of them. She was ask me over all the time to help. She some how killed a fern… I’ve never seen anyone do that before… I used to call her my plant killing neighbor

We had NO intention of being more then friends… until a great conversation led to a great evening that led to watching a lovely sunrise… which led to a first kiss… and then it all got bigger from there. That was about 7 months ago…

We’re still together… taking it slow.


That’s a very nice story.Everybody’s love story is different but I would enjoy having one like yours @SurprisedJ


Thank you for that…

I was pretty lucky.

I keep saying…

when I was looking for love/sex I would only find chaos. When I was looking for friendship… I would find love.

Starting off as friends has made this one better.


Nice, yeah a cute girl moving in one of the other apartments is the best way I can think of meeting someone. It happened at one point but we got into arguments and never got really far, she ended up moving out after a while…

Sorry that didn’t work out. Maybe next time and maybe soon…

It would be hard having an ex in the building you live in.

I have no idea how this one will turn out. We’re taking it slow. She’s really easy going and since she’s seen the flavor of mental illness in her own family… she’s pretty patient with me.

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The closest I got to a relationship was a guy I met through my dad. He worked with my dad and came over for dinner one night, then he tries to convince me to do the whole “friends-with-benefits” crap. And at the time I was thinking that might be a good thing for me because I hadn’t been in a serious relationship in many years. The problem was, he didn’t want friends…he just wanted benefits.

This was a guy I knew absolutely nothing about, other than he came from Florida, worked as a hotel front desk manger, and apparently had a girlfriend who died in some kind of accident…even that part was confusing about him. I wound up dropping him because he’d be all “don’t go meeting any other guys…”, but then also be, “…that comes with the territory of being in a relationship and this isn’t one of those…”

I couldn’t handle it and dropped him saying I needed a little something, I wasn’t expecting a ring and at the time I hadn’t really even cared if he saw other people but he had to give me a little somethin- something. Eventually turned out he had a huge gambling problem and was even steeling money from the hotel he and my dad worked at so he got fired. I don’t know if he was ever arrested but never saw him again.

Before him the only real relationship I had was in middle school/high school (the summer before 9th grade). I met a guy at the library and things were okay with him until he kept asking of rides, and money, and crap. Then he tried getting me to go some parade thing I wasn’t interested in and when I told him no he tried to have his friend talk me into by offering to pay me a whole dollar to take them…(shaking head). so I I eventually broke up with him…

I haven’t been with a guy since. Just been trying to live a simple single life with paranoid Schizophrenia, high anxiety, and depression…have to much to worry about with myself to bring someone else into the picture. I mean at what point would I try and explain that I have Schizophrenia? Should I tell them up front or wait until we’re further along in the relationship? Is that fair for the guy to wait, get him invested then have him wonder if he could still love me with Schizophrenia? I also just don’t trust people enough to get into a relationship…


I’m sorry you’ve experienced less-than-honest people in relationships @sohare1981. I don’t think telling someone you have Schizophrenia is a problem. I’d rather be upfront and honest about it than hiding the truth. I even think it could play in my favor, kind of like a “mysterious” card I’d be playing. I’d have no qualms about dating someone similarly struck by mental illness, we could relate in our struggles and try to overcome our limitations together.

I was thinking about that, it was payday today and I treated myself to a Lone Star burger and I was looking at a cute worker there at the BBQ restaurant, she was closing coleslaw containers on a tray and she looked at me twice. She seemed so bored and the thing is I could get a girl like that off her menial job if we got serious, I’d just share my disability check with her and go for the couples’ allowance. :blush:


I’ve found it is usually better to tell people right away. The ones who don’t mind will appreciate the honesty, and then you don’t waste your time on someone who would be scared off by it.