Do you approach a woman easily

I approach just easy when i drink couple of shots, and i don’t act drunk, i become talkative and idealistic. But when i am sober i have hard time finding words to talk about.

I have a difficult time approaching people of both sexes. I have gotten better with some casual talking, as long as it’s quick.
I try to be polite to others, not wanting to stir up the pot I guess.

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I’m so happy to be stable I haven’t really thought about getting a girl friend again. However I have a few family members in my life who love to match make. I try to scare the results of the match making away but some stick around and I don’t know if that makes me more nervous.

There was one girl whom I told straight up that I had SZ. She was really cool with me for long time, until I had a very bad week after almost 6 months. She actually said, “Oh my God, you weren’t joking around. You’re SZ!” I was surprised to think that all those months she just thought I had an odd sense of humor.

I will just keep living by my motto…

When I look for love, I find chaos. When I look for friendship, I sometimes find love.


I can’t speak to them, and i won’t either, i find them to be quite horrible really.

I don’t approach anyone easily. With the opposite sex it would be especially difficult.

I’ve been practicing it. I am in college and I got a few girls numbers but only one of the three i asked didnt cancel or say her boyfriend didnt want her to go. I last saw her tuesday night, we seem to be doing alright. We’ve been on three dates. I just keep worrying about seeing her again


If I wanted to be a bit silly I could say that I approach them easily enough, but keeping them from running away is the hard part. They don’t like it if you chase them… :wink:

If the woman doesn’t approach me then it is just not going to happen. Except for the “one”… which I will just have to let know I am interested in … somehow, and that has already happened so that’s that. So it just didn’t happen …yet. How many “ones” are there anyway?

try not to worry bout it :smile: i now it is hard but just try and enjoy your time with her, thts what i do, i havent got a gf but i spend a lot of time with women and apparently i have been “friend zoned” which is when i would only ever be a friend to them and nothing more which is ok by me because i wouldnt want to date them anyway, my best friend was a girl and she was thrown off the course recentely and i miss her,

right now i am not doing anything to find a girl i recentely canceled all of my online pursuits which is a good thing as i was obseessing about it for a while and thats not healthy.

yeah theres no point if i just worry. It’s all about being healthy and enjoying it

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I approach women on occasion. If she is friendly and waves at me. All you got to do is tell yourself your going to say ‘hi’ to this woman and you can do it easily.

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