Troubles to find partners

I feel that it is a great trouble for me to find a partner in my life, because most women who know I am sz do not want to have anything to do with me. They probably think that a crazy person is too risky for them. What about you?

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I was lucky, my partner and i started dating before i got sick. She stuck by me when i started having symptoms. She took on a monumental task in becoming my caregiver. We had two normal years together.

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Oh lordy I dont even like to think about this topic. I am in college and everyone is normal, and I am sure that schizophrenia would mean instant breakup. I just dont even like to think about it, but I do try to meet girls. I guess I am well enough to where I wouldnt need to tell them, at least for a while. I just have the feeling that if I do get in a relationship, I would have to keep my condition a secret. But that’s just dumb because relationships are about being vulnerable and honest, not pretending to be perfect.

I just worry about school and give a little effort when it comes to meeting girls. I am pretty lonely, but I can live with that.

I fall deeply in love instantly when I’m in psychosis for some reason. I’ve only gotten engaged when I’ve been psychotic and manic. I was once engaged to three girls at once. (for a few hours)
But then we all sobered up. :wink:

I am SO happy being stable that I’m not really looking right now. I’m eyeing a certain lass as a friend and if it goes further… that would be nice. But it’s nice having friends too. Just enjoy the company and see where it goes from there.

My sisters friends go looking for guys who aren’t considered normal. They want… “different thinkers”
My sister was dating an SZ guy. But he broke up with her. (with my help) he was cheating on her because she’s still a virgin. (I strongly recommended he looked for fun else where.) So there are some girls who would not spurn you do to SZ. (They just might have nutty overprotective brothers like my sis does)

Give them a chance. I can’t say it enough…
You’re in good fit, smart and talented. It will happen for you.

i like the idea of a boyfriend bu i get bored very quickly and didn’t really much like sex…maybe because it was crap sex i don’t know. my life has been so marred by trauma that i don’t really think i’m dating material tbh. maybe one day but not right now i don’t think.

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I went through a period of wanting a partner. I had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and was feeling lonely. So I tried my hand at dating.

I actually met 2 people who were perfectly fine with me having schizophrenia. I dated them for about 6 months each.

But, as time went by, I realized that dating sounds like a better idea than it really is. I simply don’t have the energy to spend hours upon hours with someone I’m dating. I can’t deal with the stress and stimulation of seeing and talking to another person so much.

So I decided to stop dating. And I’m shifting my focus onto making friends instead. Friends are much more manageable.

I am, however, very thankful that I met people who were accepting and caring about my schizophrenia. It gives me hope for the future :slight_smile:

I hope you find hope and love too.



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Chase or be chased that the story of my life I m single now but date the same old gals I date years ago

this is a gooddating site with a great chat room no


Great topic. I havnt been in a relationship in a long time. I have wanted them - but it never/hasnt happened.

Life would be a lot more fun if I had a few more people to talk to. I havnt been in love with some for about 8 years, and I’m 29 now.


i’m not dating just now because i basically gave up,

what i want is not possible and i will never find anyone

and i am fed up with seeing women on tv in their underwear and stuff and its making me sick tbh

i’d rather see a women in a nice dress with a really good hair cut and maybe a hair piece or tiarra
not too much make up tho.


i still have too find my partner…

she is lost, and you know how females are with navigation…


hahahahaha alias too funny needed a giggle

lol thanks, i was serious for the moment :blush:
no i have found her, she knows a lot of me. to the bone even.
yet i cant say the same, too me she is that mysterious lady.
which is kind off a one direction relation, ah well

and on a side note, i think woman are way good in finding directions.
its me thats so worse in finding my way, i was just stereotyping

Do partners ever fall into you by fate, or is it something you have to work at? When I was 18 I wouldn’t try to get a partner, I just looked up and realize I had one. God made it easy, tables have turned when I acquired SZ. Yea sure I know how maybe go to the club, increase my chances. Now I live single and it’s not that important to me.

I have not been in a relationship in 15 years after my sz started in 1998. When I lived in my auto from 2000 to 2002 in Miami and elsewhere I went often to bars and clubs, but I could not pick up any women, because the place of mine was my auto in a near parking lot. How could have a woman reacted, if I told this truth to her. Sometimes I feel lonely. Maybe one day I find a lady for myself.

Thank you… I have been trying to put that pondering into words. I love the sound of it. But the few times I’ve done it… Wheewww it’s a lot of work that I’m just not up for. I don’t have a girlfriend but I have a friend. Just some people who I get to see and get new ideas from and then it’s all good.

Instead of trying to find true love, I’m happy looking for friendship.

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