How come the same advice don't work day to day

We have good days where we follow our recovery plan. Then there are those days where even past advice doesn’t seem to work. We become frustrated because the current day we are living was nothing like the past. So what do we do? When tips don’t seem to work. We feel stranded. Lost. Why won’t our past tricks to manage our illnesses seem to work? Is it something we have to start over new each day? Probably so. Old things that used to excite us don’t no more. It’s time to find something that does.

you’re speaking of the folly of formulating one’s actions, which is an error all men make. reality changes every day in ways a man’s mind cannot grasp. a single experience that was not expected could throw any plan out the window. so, when you’re lost, accept being without direction. live in the moment and act by your feeling of that moment. this is really what separates men from animals. animals are completely in “the now”; they are outside of suffering because they do not think of the past or the future.


It’s because it’s a fast paced world. People move on while we are slowly trying to rationalize and trying to figure things out and what is what is happening."Normal"people do not hesitate.They are not taking time to tell themselves HOW to act.They just act. And if you are left behind they don’t care. They moved on. It’s not hopeless of course.

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and those “normal” people (the word “normal” by the way, is offensive; no man should be judge of what is normal or not), are just going with the flow. they have zero insight into what they’re doing, and are simply following the herd. a schizophrenic has non-conformist instincts, in a conformist world. “normal” people are the ones killing their brothers in wars because they understand nothing but to follow.


thank you both for the reply.those both are very wise intelligent response is.I can go through my day easier now that I’ve read what you two had to say. I gave my girlfriend a call even though she’s miles away she seems to be experiencing the same funk as everyone else feels the same as long as the living in this world experience the same weather which I like to call universal type know you got the big black hole in the Milky Way Center I’m sure that has something to do with it in the motion of the planets and you alot contributes to the everyday feel that to a single mortal you man cannot grasp. And I believe it’s true that the followers of the herd of people going through the religious traditions every day are oblivious as to what most intelligent schizophrenics know and uh and how they choose to live our is just that everyday is so damn different and you can expect to live in the same routine the same regiment as you did in previous days because it just keeps on changing a symptom wise illness wise every which way um its like just trying to adapt and adjust to every single day that’s out a lot to do with bodybuilding you know where is the same workout routine does not work the same way because it’s just different each day thank you for the read.

Well I tried your advice. Just be spontaneous react to the present instead of some form of premeditated behavior. I just showed like 5 neighbor kids how to shoot a youth bow at a target. We had a blast. If I think of my senses more focused in the present. I feel better that way than responding to people with something that has already been thought. Thanks for helping me through this.

i’m glad it helped. it does my heart good when i reach someone.

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My feeling is that most things tend to follow a bell curve pattern…over the course of our entire lifetime we have a very tiny few truly horrible days, a lot of pretty average days and a few incredibly wonderful days. It’s just the random behavior and fluctuations of the universe.

Our body temp works like that too… You have only a very few days where you have a chill or a fever… Most days its about 98.6 f… If you plotted out a histogram of your body temp readings for a couple months it would look like a normal bell curve.


reality is chaos beyond any shape or curve. that’s why the compass and ruler take away from man’s ability to understand.

If reality is chaos I don’t know if man would even have the ability to understand. Do you believe anything you see by observation? If you stand on a bathroom scale do you think it’s telling you your weight? I guess I prefer to live in everyday reality… I hope

I was walking home and a neighbor came up and said hi to me. I was checking a message on my phone rude I know. But I know it was a rare thing for that particular neighbor to come up and say hi. I saw another neighbor who for the first time I seen her out of her house actually mingling where the kids were. I saw this from 50 yards away incoming. I don’t why I couldn’t stop and talk, just too many impulses and schizo feelings afraid of how they think of me. One of those kind of days. Its like I have to have it my way, everything has to be perfect in order for me to respond to anybody. When conditions are never really perfect ever. Just have to adjust. Its hard to explain. But I know some of you feel this way.

i didn’t say it was pure chaos. i said chaos beyond any shape or curve. of course chaos can also be interpreted as “an order beyond which all our mathematics and words can explain”. phycisist have essentially proven this.

Yeah it’s a lot easier being sociable when you are feeling comfortable.

Do you mean like string theory?

well, you probably see what i see when i look into the average person’s eyes. judgement. arrogant judgement according to wordly expectations that only serve to rob men of their freedom. like those of hygiene: who’s to say how clean i should be? i haven’t showered in 5 months. i’m not offended by my own smells. that’s preposterous.

Sure there are standards everybody has to live up to. Would you be happy if your mailman didn’t live up to the standard of delivering your mail?

mathematics itself is a concept separate from reality. it cannot be proven that “1” can be separated from “zero” in the first place. it is a concept of division, where man’s ancestors saw wholeness.

there shouldn’t be “mailmen”.

I wish the world was a simpler place too. I don’t always like too much advertising and technology.

worldly “standards” require the world; the world requires knowledge, which is corruption.