?{[Is it True]}?

Do people really jus not care about us (???).

Is it true?.

Are we the only ones who actually understand?.

Not even the scientists, or doctors, or nurses understand. Only us?.

Is it true?.

With understanding.

Do you (???).

And on that note…,

What does the word ‘TRUE’, mean to YOU (???).

And on that note part (2.)…,

Is the sky actually BLUE (???).

What if it’s a colour no one has discovered yet?.

Please when you reply, , ,

Answer all of the questions…,

Thanx (in advance) (!!!).

Plenty of people care. It’s just a matter of degree. Some people care just a little, some care a lot.


@ATARI I have noticed people on the net are willing with me. Until I mention that I have sz. Then they stop responding completely. Not even a goodbye message; just dont hear from them again after I message.
All my friends have stopped talking with me and I’ve not been able to make new ones. Unless I go the care home. I think our feelings of loneliness are caused partially by the fact that we are more isolated from others due to our sz. We either dont want to go out in the world or are also prevented from interacting even when we want to.

On the positive side, there IS this forum. And it is a great treasure.


I’m lucky to have some really good doctors and psych nurses who have had a passion and drive to help the mentally ill. Yes. People do care but the modern world is pretty vain and basic for a lot of people.

Most folk have no idea what my symptoms or problems are!


Try caring about others try understanding them.

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Thanx everyone for your replies.

If my posts in thus thread seemed sarcastic and without any actual meaning, trust me, those are some questions i have found deep roots of sadness within for a very long time…,

In a sense i was still reaching out, but if you scratch the surface and dig a little bit, you may notice me, saying goodbye, in pretty much the most angry form i have ever gotten here, at least sarcastically…,

Last night was rough…,

And i passed out, woke up energized and after some meditation, realized i needed to come here and apologize…,

To my surprise, there were some individuals expressing their thots on the odd/serious questions at hand…,

Which made me pretty much look at myself with a growl, as if to say, ‘YOU HAVE SOME LEARNING TO DO’!.,

What’s funny is, no matter how much you look within, to learn about the nature of thus “illness” and the responses, be it from family, be it from the officials, be it from strangers…,

I grip tight to the belief that in the end, at least, AT LEAST 85% of the humans here on earth, are great heartwarming, special individuals, with many gifts to give to those who are willing to learn, so they to can teach and share their own visions to make thus place a greater, more safe place for everyone else…,

To hand the torch, and rest to watch that light shine upon each creature along the pathe of enlightenment…,

I may be wandering…,

N e Hoo, thanx for putting up with my sarcasm…,

I may try and spend more time here…,

But there is always thus…,

As was once said, times are a changing…,

Let’s work together to inspire and lead the way to make those changes AMAZING (!!!).

and fun!. looks down in shame…,





Asking someone to care about your life is asking a lot.

Everyone suffer’s from something.

So its no wonder that people just don’t want to have to deal with the negatives of schizophrenia. They compartmentalize the bad that it does and can cause and budget for solutions, but they don’t go out of their way.

Scientists with interests in the mind and in ai might be interested in why psychosis happens and probably might be interested genuinely because they care.

For others its just their job that their expertise was useful in, or was interesting for them, enough to go that path.

Its not like I care that much about others. I used to feel manic empathy and stuff but the meds have mellowed me out to just being normal again and feeling an appropriate amount of distress to suffering.

Sure I prefer someone to care about my suffering, but at the end of the day I’m a realist. My life is only going to last so long, the treatments have already improved my life significantly compared to what it could’ve been in the past.

Sometimes you just say “Well some amount of suffering is expected. Life isn’t fair.” I’m glad programs at least have the compassion to help me meet my basic needs.

I wish I had a little more money, but who doesn’t? Its a shame that this typically happens at the start of the normal persons working life. Its a real bummer.

I guess. I’m just rambling at this point. But, there’s not much sense in being sad because people don’t sympathize with you.

My family has shown already even only 2 years in, that they’d rather not have to deal with me. Its almost a relief. They aren’t going to cry over my suffering for the rest of their lives. They’ve put me in a box mentally where they just don’t have to sympathize anymore.

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Soz to inform…,


In severe realistic reality, i’m not looking or seeking for sympathy…,

No soz…,

Sympathy has, and never will be anything that i seek for…,

Didn’t mean to confuse…,


To be treated as a “normal” individual perhaps…,


“normal” these days isn’t much of a compliment…,

Maybe one day, being called, “crazy” will be a medal of honour…,

Till then, thanx for your participation (!!!).

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Oops (!!!).,

I forgot the smiley face…,


Oh and have a great day (!!!).

People always change. The world is always changing. I think people care but with only 24 hours in a day there is only so much a person can do. Nearly everyone desires happiness and peace but with our short lifetimes there is only so much that can be done. If my post makes sense.

Pets can help. Dogs are great. Many members here are reasonably fulfilled by their pets. Just an idea. Truth may not be eternal. It may just be a moment. But it can be your best moment.


Talking about the essence of time…,

Did you know that fly’s only live for a year (???).

Isn’t that sad?.

And everyone hates them (!!!).

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Sometimes people are the flies and other times they are the swatter. Both may meet.

SO glad you spelled the word “meet” like dat…,

If you would’ve added an ‘A’, O.M.G. (!!!).

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Or replaced…,

Im sure you get thee idea… . …

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sz can be seen an opportunity to overcome challenges in life. Challenges that the ‘normal’ do not always face. What is normal anyway? Simply what the ‘majority’ decide to define themselves as? There are many nations with varying majorities. Which one does the world use as the typical one? In the US nowadays, there has supposedly been a high increase in mental illness. So is it normal now? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But sz does not have a specific definition is science currently. There was even a convention in 2018 that dxecided the word needed to be redefined since it stood for ALL aspects of mental states. From depressed to manic and everything inbetween.

We may be more restricted in physical space(not much travel possible) but with elements like the internet that does not have to restrict us in interacting with the world.

We may face more difficulty in studies since memory is strongly affected but that does not mean we have to stop. Simply expend more effort to memorize.

We may not be allowed to work for an income but is no need to stop from volunteering and helping others.

We may face the greatest challenge of overcoming the fear and depression we experience in life but it can be done completely as I can personally attest to.


The essence of time is funny…,

Or can bee…,

Look back at black and white films and at what’s acceptable and or adored, and now look around at what is “unusual” to those perhaps in “charge”…,

As the young find it fun and amazing the older find it as an insult to their very own personal well being…,

And nothing was even said to them, unless it was directed at their styles when they themselves were younger., Now they feel insulted and must shut the youth up!. OH NO!.,

What i’m stating here as fact is thus…,

We have what’s considered an “illness”…,

Jus in case the quotes are confusing you i’ll say it to anyone actually reading anything i say anymore…,

SZ SZA= “illness”.+ You+ Authority= Something that needs to be fixed.

Thee end… . …


If we keep on trying…,



With ~




PEACE (!!!).


This is a strange statement. Not one I normally hear from others. Time and space are undeniable factors of my reality. Essentially my entire reality and prolly all others’ reality is made of 3 things. Time, space and Others(basically not-selfs). But science would have us believe that these are objective elements…on the other hand, I think they are subjective. For me, time has no beginning and no end. Same for space. Otherwise, I may have accepted the Big Bang theory. Essentially, according to science, a time when time began and nothingness became space. Time implies change. Basically, a period over which one state of being became another state of being. So, how did the no-time state change into the yes-time state if there was no time for change to be? I think even Einstein said “Reality is an illusion; but a very pervasive one.”

Another thing that science tells us is that we are essentially matter responding to matter. It says there is no self making choices in truth. It says chemicals in our brain respond to fixed patterns of info that out physical senses provide about out reality and respond based on the experienced reality. Materialists like Dawkins and Dennett go so far as to explicitly state there is no free will and that consciousness is an illusion.

The very first day that I realized I was schizophrenic became the day I had to find an answer to some very disturbing questions. Can I trust the physical reality I experience if my brain can lie to me? Am I just a physical brain…or is there something more? My active search found some interesting answers. Essentially that I AM a brain — not just one. I am also an awareness that can soothe my brain and can even reprogram it to go beyond the ‘norm’ if I am willing to make an effort. Neurocience calls this neuroplasticity but does not understand what that is. And probably never will.

As a sz, my brain does not like to face fear, depression or even boredom. It seeks higher levels of happy and is disappointed when expected happy does not arrive when it believed it would. What is fear? What is love? Even the Oxford dictionary gives cyclical, vague definitions for these. I have reworded the words to mean this:

  • Fear is a state in which we try to destroy what is being experienced
  • Love is a state in which we try to prolong what is being experienced

I am an animal with a brain. But unlike other animals it is possible that only humans have imagination. With the power of imagination, we can posit currently false realitites, question if they can become true in the future and try to make them become true.

I overcame the negative states of my sz by trying to experience these states instead of trying to attack or escape them. Essentially, I went against the norm of my animal fight-or-flight reaction. I responded by actually meditating during a strong psychosis and though the experience was horrible, the end state was amazing! Also, since then nature of my Voices changed notably. They no longer became dominant in my brain. I still have psychosis but as long as I am conscious during them, I no longer lose control of my mind or body.

I guess what I am trying to say is that what the old or young consider as the ‘norm’ are based on what they are willing to experience in life. As animals, we have fixed reactions to changes in our reality. But as humans, we can reprogram these automatic reactions and have custom made responses instead. Your doc tells you that you are delusional because he has never experienced what you are trying to communicate. But I know that they are not delusional. The beliefs created during a psychosis may be false, but the reality of the voices and the mental drain of trying to stay sane during psychosis are undeniable to me. So I believe, but not sure, it is possible for others to overcome their sz. I know, for certain, that I am able to currently deal with mine. It is an illness and the meds do help, but without my conscious thinking during psychosis, I would lose control of both mind and body as I previously used to.

I apologize for long post but if you read to end, I look forward to your response. :grinning::+1: