Why SZ people connected by GOD/Spirit/Soul or Supernatural power?

I do believe that normal people tag us as sz, but some sz do get extraordinary messages from spirit/ soul or God whatever you say, its all same.

Whatever I am going to share with you was just one month paranoid thoughts during first attack (June 2011 in England) and 15 days in India(Nov2012). Apart from this, I never experienced such delusion in past and in present. May be medicine cure my brain…?

Especially during the peak of attack, I have experienced clouds controls at will, rain intensity high or low at will, sunshine. Getting messages through songs, music, mountains, stone structure etc, etc, list are longs.

But I never shared with normal people and family members. Doctor think us as sz and treat us with drug, that is too control dopamine level in brain. So far there is no actual cure for sz even advancement of high research in neuro area. I do respect medicine and it is playing major role in curing people around the world. I got almost normal except during peak hours of attack with these medicine.

I understand that there is some defect in brain chemical levels (neurotransmitter that work at neuron synapse via receptors) and due to this there is loss of ‘’ insight’’ during lapse/relapse of sz. As a cell biologist and having MSc and PhD in Life Science I understand sz biological aspects and research development in this area. Genetic inheritance is true in some cases (but not ture for all) as in my family nobody got it and there is no family history. I got this disease at the age of 38 that is too under due to much extreme stress (due to crisis in personal life), initially diagnosed as delusional disorder and later on sz.

I strongly believe that all great person in the past must have sz’o because all religious book (Bible, Veda, Gita, Kuran, etc, etc) written by the person who got extraordinary vision/messages from God. All these religious manuscripts have these common sayings, messengers of GOD. Except in Hindu view where GOD directly took birth as human beings.

I just want to share my experiences during affected period and want to know how many of sz friends gone through same experiences.

I was getting view from supernatural power that all religion are equal, there is no superior or inferior races, as we are seeing in terms of terrorism and forcing conversion (since last two thousands year). I was worried to see poverty, nuclear arm race, fight over petroleum, racial discrimination everywhere in the world, white vs black skin, corruption, uneven distribution of wealth etc, etc, overexploitation of earth, our mother nature, loss of jungle and world of concrete around the world.
…and it was that good people do really exist like me and all of us can make the world a better place to live. They just want to know what is going inside my thoughts or message from GOD.
It will be mission like no boundary between countries, there will be common language, no army etc.

I was feeling that with my finger and hand movement, there is control of so many things in the world, birth, death and rains, winds, snow fall, heat… all this disappear after taking medicine and I became a normal person like billions in the world. It was not like that I was not under control and doing some unusual behaviour. Just isolated myself from people around me, spent most of the time in my own room and sometime walking on the roads silently aimlessly (for the others), but I was on mission, of course under influence of thoughts.

But now I became mature and smile ( smile, not from my face, but from my heart) at the people, who spend their life runs after money and luxurious life. No one is actually doing anything good for human mankind, everyone is busy with themselves, some doing for name-fame, some are greedy, all commercialization, banking, marketing is just too make us more trapped and fool.

There is GOD in every individual male/female, each soul have capability to go to higher plane.
I left career advancement, all these social status is just for money in any line ( medical, research in space, engineering). marketing, construction, education. There is ofcourse use of computer, mobile, railways, aeroplanes etc making our life comfortable and fast… Is there is any use of sending spacecraft to mars. satellite was just not enough. Cant America, Russia and even now India cant use that money to feed hungry people and to make houses for millions of people who spent their night on streets.

How far we can go and how speed we want to go. I have had clear vision during my peak period that the speed of evolution of earth is less then five minutes (so speed that I cant not express in words, I mean, from melting down to iceage, and evolution of life’s on earth, just happening in five minutes and its a continuous cycle, birth, destruction and rebirth everywhere in the several universe, not only in our galaxy-universe milkyway(akashganga) ( there is no meaning of thousands, million years in actual sense as we give time scale in earth). Earth will go and will evolve again. ITs just not only one planet ‘earth’ having life, there are many…too many. several have gone and are in present and will be coming in future. The several universe is so big and its expansion and contraction, movement in typical pattern…no one can imagine, I have seen just glimpses of it.

There is supernatural power of course yes… but just not only for earth, our solar systems, galxy-milkyway, and our universe, its for very vast life’s exist everywhere in several universe. GOD is nothing it is supernatural power, we can not capture in books, religious thoughts or by any images. Many of these holy books are written to make human beings discipline at individual level and in society.

please discuss openly if you have some view or experiences like this.
kind regards
Dr. Sidgift.


I like to think that being in the unfortunate position of poverty literally forces one to improve their situation, and I had every opportunity to advance myself as others do out of poverty, but many unforeseen things happened along the way including schizophrenia, and two disabled kids, and these became major obstacles

and instead of me seeing the end goal of cruising over them, I tended to concentrate on the obstacles themselves, and usually deduced that it was too difficult. But that comes from low self esteem. Nothing is impossible.

Many people stuck in poverty don’t have the innovation, the ideas, the capitalizing on opportunity that others in wealth do. That’s why it is so much more important for those with money and resources to not just throw money at them, but show them how, build them up, offer guidance. It rarely happens.


When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

– Mark Twain


Hello. I have similar experiences. Wind blows, leaves fall, birds make noises all sorts of environmental factors change depending on my thoughts. (i am not supposed to type this, but just now i was looking up RH- blood and mental illness, and fight broke loose right outside the home. something did not want me to look that up) also one time a humming bird stood 3 ft in front of my face after having a positive thought. (man hands are still shaking from hearing that fight.)

anyway. i have never considered myself to be enlightened spiritually … but i have considered these things that happen to me to be spiritual at times. Karmic or something… either that or a conspiracy that i am not allowed to know about.


I think that schizophrenics are more prone to be involved in a deeper way of thinking and needing a genuine spiritual experience because we are less able of having a normal life where as “we” are rather seeking a more spiritual meaning and or encounter of life, so that is more often sought by those of us who are not overly disturbed by the symptoms. My medications just allow me to function more normally while I am often in a state of meditation throughout the day. It’ is more like a devotion in believing in a Higher Power that can be found before we can actually get anywhere in our understanding of Him and His plan for our lives as they are intertwined with other lives , for there is always someone greater as well as lesser than ourselves in some way or another. Like someone can have less teeth but more money then we have etc…

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Yeah im with you on that Dr.

If you were to categorize me i’d be a Christian but I strongly believe that the human species should be working towards evolution of the soul.

Sadly we are moving in the other direction with us submitting to our primal urges like lust, aggression, greed etc.

And it’s only going to get worse.

It’s too late now the ball is in motion.

theres no stopping it man!

Woulda, coulda,shoulda can’t help nobody Now

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The weather again.

One of my first strange thoughts that morning after the halloween celebration. I sat up all night with them ravenously eating me.

The weather thing came up as usual. They talk about the weather at times with us.

One guy thought he made it snow once. But i could see it was not him but the beings in his mind, it was a strong illusion they put in his head.

They never made me think i had powers or anything but rather made it very clear what they were talking about.

As i sat there with them that early early dark morning the weather came on and the view of it became something else. There was only one place missing and i thought i was in that place, or control of the weather, i also remembering having the thought that it looked like an eye.

The manipulation of weather should have been obvious when i was young but it wasn’t, add a bit of this or that and you have yourself some weather.

To a normie standing on the outside it sounds completely stupid, we’re just standing there looking wierd saying we control the weather or something. But if they could see the whys as to why we were saying it it would be well understood someone was with us and was doing things to our minds.

It’s typical that those who make good money and have a cush life say money is the root if all evil, because typically they’ve never been teased for wearing hand me downs or getting free lunch at school or being a statistic and they’ve never had reason to feel what it’s like without it.


Where in the world does it say money is the root of all evil? Don’t you think you’ve badly misquoted the original? From what I understand, money is a useful concept.


Maybe you should read the original post and then the agreement frompetester the concept of chasing after wealth is blamed as not good.

King James Bible
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

This quotation is from Timothy

Ok so you were just looking for an opportunity to preach and always knew it was there without me explaining. That’s like a trap.

I stand by my posts in this thread.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

The quotation from Timothy says, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and that is frequently misquoted as, “Money is the root of all evil.”

The two sentences are quite different in my mind.



What the ■■■■?

Every motivation that employers use as incentive is money. I’m not a communist.

Anyway be well.

Don’t worry, because that’s why man needs a savior. They’ll get here maybe a little late,… but better late… than never.

Thanx for sharing your experiences.

Thanks for putting your excellent analysis of my post. your view is quite mature.

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Yeah I like money also.

oh yes, petester
we are indeed moving fast in negative direction…and will have to wait till end of energy fuel.
categorization of human being is of no meaning (major religion like Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist) for me.
your interest and suggestion for human species on evolution of the soul is quite interesting as christian do not believe in soul but give emphasis on spirit. I am personally with you and trying to understand the soul. As a hindu we understand the significance of soul.

It would be interesting to read a bestseller spiritual book ‘power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle.
Its price is high book here but I am working hard to earn & save some money to buy this book.
kind regards

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