How close are you to your psychiatrist?

Hello ,

Im quite close to my Psydoc and tell her most things, but i keep some thoughts reserved.

How close are you?

Do you tell her everything?

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I only say what is relevant to my sz. I should probably say more, but I’m embarrassed.

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Nah, she doesn’t have time for that.

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pretty close I think.

I’m 100% open and honest with them. But I wouldn’t say we’re “close”. In fact I don’t like them very much.

in fact I chose my current pdoc instead of a renowned psychiatrist because I trust her very much. i dont trust the other psychiatrist the renowned one…

The relationship with my current psychiatrist and past ones is strictly professional since there is a high probability that there will be other psychiatrists who will oversee my case in the future. Also, I only see my psychiatrist every 6 months.

my current pdoc and I are not close…thankfully I start under a new pdoc next week

I have the best and kindest doc in the world. He’s from Syria.

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Not much because they keep changing, but the last one is kind.

I’m not close with this one, but we haven’t known each other for that long. He makes me cry.

I’ve never been close with my pdocs. Don’t trust them or the system that much. I had an amazing psychologist though who was kind and seemed to genuinely care for me. I miss her.

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I’ve been seeing my pdoc for over a year. She gives me some tough, motherly advice it seems. I keep some things to myself, though. She is the first and only pdoc i’ve seen

i have a social worker for my therapist. she is great. she keeps me going.

i totally trust her.

i think trust is the key in therapy.

i consider myself lucky now.


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I’ve been seeing the same Psydoc continuously for the past 32 years, also the same GP for the past 20 years.

Well first, let me get this out of my system: 3 miles.

Anyways, my doc is alright. I didn’t like him at first but after a few months of seeing him I saw he wasn’t a bad guy or a bad psychiatrist and I like him a lot more now. Personally it still kinds of disconcerting when I see psychiatrists and the majority of the time they are on a computer and behind a monitor. It’s kind of a weird but I guess it’s here to stay.

I wouldn’t say we’re close but we are on good terms. He gives me compliments about stuff occasionally that I really need to hear. We haven’t argued with each other or got mad or anything. He’s kind of mellow and not abrasive or aggravating. I don’t know what the future will bring but right now we are getting along fine. I tell him personal stuff but not too much. I wouldn’t say we’re close but it’s fine with me.

My doc is at a teaching hospital. For years I saw interns who kept changing. The doc I have now isn’t an intern so I get him forever.

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I really appreciate my pdoc and like him. Can’t say that we are close though, how close can you get in a doctor-patient relationship? he gives me extra time to do some counseling when I need it.

I’ve never been close to the psychiatrists I’ve had .

Not close at all. I make my case for medication changes and she goes along with it. The results have been good.

I think she’s cool but there are some things I have difficulty telling her. Like I wanted to try to figure out exactly what my episode before my last hospitalization was. IDK if it was a mixed state or hypomania, then depression, then hypomania again.