I have a new pdoc

i just love him, so far, but I am not sure of him. like we just started so is it going to continue? will he always be nice?

I guess it is up to me to make sure that the therapy relationship doesn’t fail just as much as it is up to him.

with my last pdoc I just sat silently and waited for him to care for him enough for me to feel it. I never, or shall I say almost never did feel that he cared for me much.

he was a good doctor but maybe I just didn’t do right in his office. like sitting silently doesn’t accomplish.

just thought i’d share.


i’m glad you like him!!!

@ifeelblessed Thanks for sharing. I finally am making my first post. Personally, I have found that the more I risk being vulnerable the greater the gains in my recovery. It always feels like a paradox to me…the more I go out on a limb to trust, the more safety I end up developing. I have also learned to pick and choose who I give my trust to. Not every person who has a title in a helping profession is worthy of my trust! My growing up years were based on secrets and lies and as an adult, my silence only serves to continue that pattern of negative YUCK! Finding a voice, even if it is only for 15 minutes once a month, is priceless. It means that someone outside of my head has heard me. And believe-you-me the freedom that comes, eventually, from putting words to thoughts out loud is mind blowing. I hope this is taken in the spirit of encouragement. Be blessed my new friends.


@ifeelblessed That’s great news! I’m seeing a new pdoc next week. I was being treated by two psychiatrists in the city where I lived up until last week.
I’m a little apprehensive to be honest, as I’ll have to tell my story all over again.


yes I know precisely and exactly what you are writing about because I had the same exact experience. I mean with taking risks to get somewhere and finding that that’s what was needed and the gains were good.

I feel that these are my rights, to take these risks. after all it is my life.

don’t you?


I don’t think it’s wise to expect an emotional relationship with a doctor. You should go to him with a few statements or questions so that he has something to go on. Sitting silently would aggravate both of you.

My Pdoc is Ok. I used to sit there and try and be as Normal as possible and I had a hard time telling him what I needed to say. But I write so much that I began just handing over my journal and having him read it. But he said he didn’t have time to read all that I wrote so I began e-mailing my pages to him ahead of time.

I still sit there and try and come off as normal as I can. So he might not think there is that much wrong with me.

Other times when I’ve really been out of my head, I’ve sat back and let the family tell the doc what they have noticed as well.

My therapist is cool. I really like her. She’s a human and she’ll just talk to me sometimes and it has nothing to do with SZ. I really appreciate that.

I have no idea how any of my doctors have ever felt about me. I never felt they disliked me. But maybe they were hiding it (paranoia?). I have found that some doctors are just ‘warmer’ and more personable than others. I had a doctor from 1982 to 1989 who rarely talked. I would go in once a week and blather on for 45 minutes and he would just kind of look at me. He seemed nice but I wished he talked! But hey, what can I expect when I’m on Medi-Cal and seeing him for free?! My doctor now is OK I guess. He’s free too. I think most psychiatrists have to be nice. No one wants to talk to a MEAN psychiatrist, right?

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I like my new psychiatrist so far. She seems to be very bright, and seems to know a lot about severe mental illnesses and drug combos. Nothing beats seeing a competent doctor. She is also very nice, which is an added bonus.


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I really like my doctor too. She has always treated me nice. Thats probably why I have a crush on her lol.

Yeah, I had a sexy therapist for 5 years. I was really attracted to her. I always had those Penthouse forum stories in mind every time I saw her. Well, you never know.

@77nick77 Come to think about it, my last psychiatrist was rather attractive.
I had a difficult time focusing with her because of this.


. I definitely don’t have a crush on my doc. We get along okay but I just don’t. :smile:

I don’t have a crush on my pdoc either. this may be a sticky question but would you rather meet a love mate that has sz or the like or a normie?

I am tempted to say i’d like to meet a fellow with sz that does well with work and stuff as I do rather than a real normie. for more understanding, compatibility etc.


I would just like to meet anyone who understands my situation. “normie” or not…doesn’t matter to me. I do see where you are coming from though.