How can you ignore voics

meds don’t help me, how do I ignore voices and get control of my life.

hey! iam going to give you a lil advise that helps me. keep busy thats number one. listen to a lot of music. read. find a hobby. and when i say hobby i mean anything. take a walk around the block. or go down to the gas station to get something to drink. watch a lil TV. mess around online. but first thing always keep busy. cause when your mind is not busy. our voices go crazy. i know you know what i mean. so stay busy alright and keep your head up


I try not to acknowledge their existence. I have noticed that if I give attention or interact, or try to convince others, then it gives it strength over me and I lose. But if I choose to ignore them, like someone that is having a bad day and is trying to pull me down with them, then I persevere. As often as I can, I take it to the Lord in prayer. I let myself have the possibility that my voices may be real, but that I choose to take the high road and forgive them.

Try to let it go. Let negative thoughts and voices pass by like clouds in the sky, or ripples down a river that you observe from a distance. Know that you cannot grasp or restrain them under your own power, so just let them go by peacefully. In time, the voices may fade back into the background whence they came.

Peace be with you.

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I acknowledge there existence and accept they may never go away or that they can always come back but it doesn’t matter I just let it go. And when/if they go away that is awesome.
That approach takes away their power for me.