Are you able to ignore the negative voices?

Are you able to ignore the negative voices?

How did you do it?

It’s important to get on a medication that stops the voices.

From the time I could walk I got yelled and hit everyday till the point I stopped caring…guess I feel the same way towards this whole schizo mental thing and I don’t need the meds to deal with it.

So you are able to ignore what the voices say to you?

You got two choices ignore it or don’t it’s up to you

All of my voices are negative. I’m good at ignoring it at work, or even at home if I keep myself pretty active.

In some ways. I’m much better at controlling it than when I was in my 10s-early 20s.

Do your voices affect your mood even though you could ignore it now?

No, I havn’t learned to ignore them. It helps to stay busy though and give yourself simple tasks to do and try to feel better after doing them.

It’s difficult to ignore them, but rather because it’s so busy at work I’m focused on that.

Meditation helps me a lot also.

I can’t ignore my voices. They overwhelm me. I. Can’t stop listening to them.

headphones work wonders.

I’ve got this one voice that is super trippy it’s like surround sound deep demon voice that speaks slow. I wish I could talk like that, it’s kinda bad ass.

Either way this is my life, curses & blessings is how I’m built.

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