How can i stop living in the past

I was doing great earlier this year. Then in may had an anniversary of a traumatic event and sinxe then i havent been able to get my mind off the past for too long. Ive been having a lot of trauma nightmares, and im on prazosin but i cant take the full dose i need because it lowers my blood pressure too much. Ive been frequently finding myself trying to redivert my attention to the present but i always wind back up in the past.

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Right there with you mate. It’s tough. Having been through this before you just kinda gotta stick it out and try to be as gentle on yourself as you can. Compassion above all else. Being stuck in the past is painful and exhausting, and you deserve to be cared for, by yourself and any supports you have

It’ll pass. It always does. Nothing lasts forever, and no matter what, this haunting will end.


My therapist told me I need to take baby steps in facing my fears that come from my previous traumas.


95 out of 100 days the fact that I spent half a year unmedicated in 24/7 solitary confinement in 2015 never enters my head. It was another life… I’m a different person now so who cares about back then. It was definitely pure unmitigated hell at the time though.

So my advice is just don’t bother thinking about it. If you can’t do that then obviously you’ll need a different strategy like logically examining the trauma and realizing how it wasn’t your fault and is unlikely to repeat and all that, but I find it so much easier just not to remember it.


How very true. I have PTSD as well, and have been through this many times. It will pass


Trauma is very subjective. 10 people can have almost identical experiences, and yet only one of them may be traumatized. If you’re that one in 10, it’s all ■■■■■■ up for you. Interesting ■■■■

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I have CPTSD and have been theough emdr before. Thinking i need it again

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Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with the same, multiple traumas beginning in childhood. The first time I tried emdr, it did nothing but I was in total overwhelm mode and nothing worked. This time around, I feel it has really helped me make progress with the force and the power of certain memories, bleeding away the emotion and making them much more bearable. If you try it again, all my blessings, really hope it helps

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mindfulness, Being in the now.
And letting go of the past.
In some way.


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