How can I deal with my anger as its anti social....any tips?

My anger is a real pain for me and my parents. But I cant change…I just keep repeating the same angry reactions all the time…I was wondering can anyone help me or do I need to just succumb to this bloody awful trait…

Find an outlet. I am into powerlifting, just got into it. It’s a sport where being pissed off only helps. Not that I am always pissed off, I just get all of my pissed-off-ness out of my system a few days a week when I am in the gym. Before I got on meds, I would lift weights and practice boxing in my backyard and run, to excess actually, it was unhealthy and more than enough exercise. Now I only workout 3-4 times a week but I really work hard when I do and it satisfies me.

Or try being on meds…they often cause some sedation and also relieve agitation. I used to be an alcoholic too, I would workout like a madman, not even be doing anything constructive, just go crazy, then I would hydrate and then get shitfaced. I used to be agitated, noticeably so, and meds have leveled me out. But keep in mind that I lift hundreds of pounds repetitively three times a week. I’m still a little “crazy” but I found an environment (powerlifting gym) where people dont even bat an eye, they help me wrap my knees and then spot me.

I dont have time this semester due to my schedule, but I plan on joining the competitive lifting team at my gym this summer and working my schedule around it next year. I will continue to lift heavy things, actually heavier things.

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we can all change, it maybe hard because we are sz , but everything is possible…
put notes up in your room saying things like ’ i am kind ’ , ’ i am non violent ', ’ i can change ’ .
meditate , and when feeling angry walk away from the situation and take yourself somewhere whether in your mind or otherwise to a place of calm.
take care


It is probable that you can get your angry outbursts under control, it takes teaching yourself to NOT instantly respond when you feel that monster coming out.
It’s about distraction. Have you ever seen the face of someone you lone hurt by your anger?


I discovered recently after working with a holistic nutritionist that MSG causes anger and violent thoughts…after not eating it for a couple of weeks I had some Doritos and it ruined my night. I became progressively more and more angry and started having violent thoughts…I ended up just going to bed. MSG is in so many foods. It’s in chips, soups, meats, take out, and so much more. It would be interesting to stay away from it and see if that makes a difference. Just a suggestion.


Hi Karl, you seem like you have a lot pent up in frustration and your anger swells. Some days are severe from me. Anything can trigger it. From the news, to the prejudice I create against some people.

It will work against you, every where you go you might see people, and people are already hard enough to talk with sometimes. And being angry and anti social you talk to no one. Which for me is alright but it makes an empty space in the ego. Like I wish I wasn’t feeling this way because of SZA so I can talk open up and release this bad energy.

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I went to anger management classes that my doc put me on to. It wasn’t that long, it wasn’t that expensive and it wasn’t that hard.

It gave me lots of ideas on how to redirect my anger and lots of ways to recognize my triggers as to what creates my anger and to know how to back away and recognize when it’s starting to boil up and how to verbalize what makes me angry in a more constructive way.

My therapist also worked with me on this.