How can I be more socialable and like people?

I sometimes feel not fair because I put in much effort to keep myself busy and work long hr which i already get used to,but I just dislike/can’t connect with people

Whys that?its not fair to see people who laid back and miss work more often and they look less worried and more comfortable than me,did I work like a bull stupidly?will I ever be rewarded,it’s so unfair

Congratulations on your work ethic. In Alcoholics Anonymous they sometimes talk about “judging people’s outsides by your insides”. The people you’re jealous of might not be as serene as you think. They might be in debt, going through a divorce, or something like that. I’ve experienced what you talk about. In AA I’ve heard people say that it seemed like everyone else had an instruction book to life that they didn’t share. Those people seemed to be getting on pretty well in life to me. There are compensations to every type of personality. I have a hard time connecting to people, but I enjoy a lot of the simple pleasures more than them - like just watching the scenery go by when I’m in a car, or taking a walk, or eating a good meal.


you have to find the happiness/contentment inside yourself first, then nothing will ever bother you.
take care


For some, that comes with the territory with sz. Maybe you could look around and find 1 or 2 people who you might like or have things in common with - say a few words now and then - start there.

I can’t give advice based on experience…

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I don’t need a lot of friends. If I have one friend to do stuff with then I am satisfied.


I am like this too,I had a friend I can talk freely and mindlessly,but yet to find one in real life,she lives in japan

I know this is a serious question but it made me think of this episode I saw on TBS of the Big Bang Theory. Funny. !!

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