It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums, so not sure if I should post this here. However, I’ve been wondering if anyone is social in their various environments such as work and school. It’s something that I’ve struggle with greatly, besides the positive-symptoms that has become manageable in most cases. It’s just I have this instinct to retreat and be alone when pursued in social environments. I’ve figured manning up would help also but I over think a lot lol. Any tips would be helpful.


I posted a similar post tonight. I don’t have any advice but I wanted to reply because you’re not alone in this. It’s hard.

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If you want an audience you do have to cater to it.

With something as complicated as human interaction… you can find as much direction from identifying what you should not do… instead of criticizing yourself for having a not-so-forward level of charisma.

It’s actually hella respectable to not being an annoying persona. You may get overlooked and sometimes ignored. But if you’re not watering down people ears with whatever is on your mind then you are better off than you might expect.

Beyond that… sociable people have a different perspective on things. It’s not so much about everyone else… they’re just playing around with what’s right in front of them… and they’re normally doing so with people they have already found compatibility with.

There is an awkward divide of us and them… but it’s a blurred line. Don’t take it personally… Would you give up getting along with your friends for the sake of new person trying to wedge into the crowd?

I feel for you in your struggles. This has been an issue for me throughout my entire life. That said I have made a lot of friends, most of whom i never talk to, that are out there.

I’ve also found like minded folk that are more stabilizing as my own incompatibilities in life get me down… as those folk share in the same sense of difficulty and priorities… and just knowing that I’m not uniquely ■■■■■■ or anything like that takes the edge off the spite of being well to aware of the whole scenario… but that’s just me. i don’t like groups… i don’t like socialites… or wanna be socialites… their concerns are hard to trust. They often just speak to please.

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Its sort of down to you to try and get better at this but i can see how hard it can be,

I started to withdraw from people at 15/16 yrs old and i found it awkward around people until i had my breakdown, its only after a med change in 2010 that i started to see an improvement but other factors may have been involved,

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what makes you strongest is finding/knowing your own love for life.

and not letting them take it from you

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