<<< ------- How Can e(Y)e Talk to My Dad ------- >>>

He Nvr Asks How My Day Was ( OR ) is … ,

He Nvr Brings Up ANY Conversation … ,

He Isn’t Interested in Any of My Musical Hobbies , Lissening ( O R ) Recording Music … ,

He Threatened to Kick Me Out Last Week , For No ■■■■■■■ Reason … ,

He Gets Home From “work” ( e(Y)e say it lyke that cause he nvr talks about it ) , He Gets “home” and Jus Sits Down and Watches Tha Sayme Terrible Shows … , Ya’know Stuff About People Fighting , ■■■■■■■ and Naught Knowing Who Tha “dad” Is … , Jus Awesome Shows Yo … ,

Point is , Almost Everytyme We Sorta “talk” He Either Gets Pissed Off ( OR ) Annoys Tha Shazz Out of Me … ,

ANY Kind of Help Would Be Appreciated ,

Thus has Been Going On For a Long T(Y)me , Ever Since My Mom Died It’s Gotten Worse … ,

and Please NO EXCUSES , e(Y)e Didn’t Kill Her and It’s Naught My Fault He Has No Friends … … …

leave him alone

What Do You Mean (???)

if he dosent want to talk, dont talk

Our “conversations” Happen During 24/7 Newscasts before He Heads Out of Tha House … ,

During Those 5 Min.s He Seems Fine but e(Y)e Have to Walk on Disk - Hush - Ting Eggshells to Escape From Auditory Harm … ,

How Do e(Y)e Fynde ANY Connection With Any Being Out Within tha World Yo Yo … ,

and ( Side Note ) ,

e(Y)e Have NO CAR and He Won’t Help Me In Fynding One … ,

e(Y)e Can’t Jus “LEAVE HIM ALONE” ,

e(Y)e’m Naught Doing ANYTHING Wrong …

have left my parents alone…they dont talk to me and i dont and both are very happy (of it)…

e(Y)e’m Stuck … ,

“leave him alone” Isn’t Going to Work Rite Now , Soz but Thaz Truth … ,

Please Thread DON"T DIE .

Perhaps Thus Will Help Thine Onlookers … ,

You See My “dad” ( OR ) Whatever is a Violence Lover Traditionalist , He Threatens Peace With Tha Gluttonous of Watching Tha Peaceful Shudder … ,

He Doesn’t Threaten me but He Doesn’t Have to … ,

N E Hoo ,

How Does a PEACEFUL Individual Talk to a Pig Eating Traditionalist (???) …

i have a pretty much same kind of father, so i dont talk to him. I know it is hard – in fact the hardest thing possible but it is the only way to keep the peace.

() ))) Quick Glance ((( ()


Tha Neighbors Treat Him Lyke Royalty as He Salutes Tha Police As They Carry Me Away in a Cop Car as
e(Y)e haven’t Broken Any Laws As Tha Clinic Sends Them to MY Home As Somehow They Found out
e(Y)e Was Skipping Doses On Meds … ,

Music Keeps Me Here On Earth … ,

e(Y)e Need Some Groupies … ,

HMPH (!!!) ,

and Yes e(Y)e Have Been Throo Worse … … … ,

Naught Evn Talking About My Coma …

Yep ,

When it Comes to Traditionalist Pig Eating , e(Y)e Will Defend Tha Dead Animals TO MY GRAYVE … ,

ALSO Jus Advice Fur Ya … ,

A Sick Sense of Sadistic Ironic Humor ALSO Keeps Tha Peace … ,

Jus Some Advice and Yadda Such N Such …

it does keep peace

We’ve Gotten Nowhere @zenmonk … ,

Your Trainers Are Naught Proud With You Thus Evening …

I have no trainers.

i am my own trainer

Here ,

You Forgot to Post Thus ALSO ,

“” :wink: “”

() Fun Entertaining Story ()

( Part 1 )

( Part 2 )

and Please Don’t Forget ( Part 3 )

() )))TBC((( )))TBC((( )))TBC((( ()

() ))) Side Note ((( ()

Science Question Yo Yo’s (!!!) ,

What Would You Rather Be (???) ,

1.) A Dragonfly Caught in a Web

( OR )

2.) A Spider That Creates Tha Sayme Web That Catches Dragonflies


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Merry Holidaise (!!!) … ,


Maybe try and talk to him before he sits in front of the tv? “Dad we never talk, lets talk now”

I have sympathy for my father. They carry a lot of weight in looking after us schizos

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How about asking how’s he doing? We’re not the same, but my dad went into depressive dementia after my mom passed. In a sense I lost both parents because his capacity to be the dad so diminished. I don’t know about your dad, but mine is really sad, which manifests in irritability sometimes, and he needs emotinal support. He’s only human too.