HOw are you spending your MOnday?

TOday I have to take my nine year old son to get sedated again at the dentist but he is almost done with the dental work he needed. This after he just got his adenoids out a few weeks ago. I told him soon he will get a break from doctors. Then bake my husband a 60th birthday cake. then take my 17 year old son to get his second HPV (an std) vaccine, which you are old when you are doing that by the way. So a busy day for me. Which i sgood, I do better when I am busy. As for my typos my sz.comm view is so tiny and i can’t figure out how to make it big enough to see the typing again so sorry. Have a good MOnday everyone. I am trying to sesie the day. desimb

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Two things on my agenda,

Go to work

Try to apologize to my sis for some not cool things that I said. I think I hurt her feelings again.

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I’ve been out with the dog for an hour. One more hour-walk is waiting this afternoon. I have visited a neighbor lady. She is 86 years old and needs company. She is depressed and wishes to die. But she feels much better when I have been there talking to her.


I went to the movies this morning and watched Lone Survivor. This afternoon I’ve taken a nap and a little bit later I’m going to do some shopping.

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I am going to my therapist today, and maybe go food shopping

Just work for me today. Perhaps when I get home I can work on my painting some more. Having a lot of issues today.

this morning I went to college for 2 lessons and came home after I am watching tv and relaxing

Counselors office then home to watch netflix

Made some phone calls, weeding the flower gardens, hopefully taking a bike ride later and to bed early tonight.

went with my husband grocery shopping, went to the library and parked at the beach to watch the surfers and ships.


Went to work. They recently hired a bunch of 15 year old girls. Two girls spent the entire morning following me around telling me how I should be doing my job. :anguished:

That sounds really annoying. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do?

That is annoying and rude of them to be doing that - I would talk to your boss about it, if you feel uncomfortable

An assessment I had done six years ago declared me fit for work. The vocational rehab team sent me to work the drive thru window at a busy doughnut shop. Every month Vocational Rehab staff come in informing me how i’m not like other people. They tell me too snap out of it and work faster if I want to keep my job. :anguished:

They also make rude comments about my so called glazed eyes.


I read horror stories on a website called Wrongplanet. Vocational rehab refuse to work with autistic people.

Today was a busy one. Mowed the lawn, cut round the edges with the scissors, weded the patio, got my hair highlighted, did 2 washes and dries, took max to school and picked him up, took my daughter shopping, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the garden flower pots, filled in the walk way with soil and put grass seed down, hoovered my room, washed the pots, loaded the dishwasher, clean my bedside cabinet, cooked 2 different dinners…um think that’s about it…should’ve taken chubba choop choop to the woods but ran out of time and energy! That was my Monday. Xxx

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My schitzophrenic ass HAD to pick out all of the doubled capital letters and try to “decode” the “secret message”.

I’m an idiot.

But they spelled out: HOMOTOMO

Just got home from work. The drive home mostly sucked. I came home and did my little chores, fixed myself a snack and now I’m here.

Good for you!! my dear friend

Man, jaynebeal; that’s a lot! Amazing. You should do something to reward yourself for doing so much.

Thanx nick…I think tomorrow I’ll have a day off. The weather is crap so won’t b able to get out in the garden…think I might even spend the day in bed! How’s that for a reward :slight_smile: