HOw are you spending your MOnday?

Sounds good to me.You deserve a WEEK in bed, lol.

Geez…No one could work under those kind of conditions! You don`t need that.

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That is terrible. I hope they get really deep paper cuts… That get INFECTED.


I planted gladiolus bulbs today. Tomorrow I am going to sow some sunflower seeds, and hopefully do a little weeding and mulching. One of my cucumber seedlings just sprouted today–that was exciting.

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Take a look at this website. These people have a lot in common with us Schizophrenic folks. :fearful:

Your day sounds sort of like a horror story.

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Are the sunflower seeds for the birds?

I went miles away to my Dr. with out my venlafaxine. Enough said -

No, I am hoping that they will actually grow into sunflowers.

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Sorry. I meant to ask - are you growing the sunflowers for their seeds for the birds. The great big ones are for that.

I’d be perfectly happy if the birds ate the seeds from the sunflowers after they have grown. The seeds that I am planting are for sunflowers that grow 6’-7’ in height. The birds do sometimes eat the heads off the seedlings before they can grow into sunflowers, though.

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Yeah, some people grow the sunflowers to harvest the seeds + save them for winter. But the birds usually beat them to it.

When the birds eat the heads off, are the shells still on the seeds?