How are you doing mentally?

i feel like ■■■■, i can’t sleep and i feel like that is affecting me mentally, last night i had some big problems i got angry and hurt my dog than got sad and hurt myself, i was thinking of checking into a mental hospital and i told my mom everything, my dog forgave me but i still feel bad i feel like dying, i keep having thoughts of different ways i could harm myself but i don’t plan on acting on them, hopefully by the end of this month i will have my sleep med and by than my ap should be working completely i never understand why antipsychotics take the longest to work when they treat the worst mental issues that cause the most suffering but i think i need a therapist i keep telling people i talk to online about some of my problems and things im doing but idk i just haven’t been feeling that good physically either been having headaches and feeling weighed down but i know things will get better

If you are hurting yourself, or others - including your dog- you should go to the emergency room/mental hospital and tell them whats going on. Good luck

I am not doing so good right now. I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night and I am exhausted. I see my social worker in three more hours and I’m not up to it. I’m not at all sleepy, just exhausted. I can’t sleep. I tried. What to do at times like this? I’m worthless for anything when I’m like this.

I agree that you should go get some help. It’s hard if we get sick and lash out and someone or something gets hurt but it’s worse if we do nothing and the problem happens immediately after, maybe worse. That’s not something you want to repeat. Maybe there’s a better med solution for you and I think therapists are never a bad idea. It just sounds like you just need to get stabilized.

Struggling a bit. Having trouble with weight and adjusting to working with people every day. I’m mostly managing, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a struggle. I miss being able to work alone. :frowning:

Today I’m feeling pretty good which is the first time in about two weeks. Been having a lot of paranoia, anxiety, and disorganized thoughts.