Hoping my sister is okay

This isn’t sz related. I’m just a little worried about my sister right now.

She needed me to watch her daughter while she went to a doctors appointment. That’s what I’m here for as a brother and an uncle. But I got a text from her five hours ago saying her appointment was taking longer than expected. Fine I thought I have nothing going on tonight anyway. Then two hours ago I got another text saying she was no longer at the doctors office but had to go to the hospital. She told me she thought she’d be back here by 5:30. that was almost an hour and a half ago and no word since.

I don’t know the specifics of what has been wrong with her all I know is that she has lost a ton of weight over the summer, has been bleeding internally, has had surgery but required more. On top of this she just the other day found out that her boyfriend who was supposed to be away on a trip for a few weeks may not be coming back. I can only imagine how she’s feeling right now.

This isn’t anything I can’t handle tonight I’m just a little worried about my sister right now.

Any thoughts are welcome though.

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Hang on, we’re with you. I only have to think how important my sister is to me.

Thanks chordy.

She actually just pulled in the driveway…phew. Talk about catastrophizing huh?

But for all I knew from her texts it could have been emergency surgery or it could have been just tests or something…always the vague one this sister of mine. I asked if everything was okay when she returned and she just kind of stared off for a second and nodded.

Good brother! I wish she weren’t so vague about what’s going on . . .


I’d be in that same boat with you. It’s scary when you get vague messages from a sister at a hospital. I’ve been there. I’m glad she showed up and so far is OK.

I wouldn’t be to hard on your sis though… sometimes doc like to throw the biggest words at my sis… I ask if she’s ok… she’ll ask me to wait a moment while she looks up the words he used to tell her how she’s doing.

@mussel, I’m pretty close to my kid sis. She’s my best friend. Are you close to your sis?

Close? Hard to say. My sister has never been one for words. We tend to communicate when we have to. I am close to her daughter which is I guess the only thing that might make us close. When we were teenagers we were a little closer in terms of actually talking to each other regularly. I would take her out with my friends or go across the hall to play Sega with her friends in her room. But I learned with her that every time I got close I’d find the figurative knife in my back as most who have got close to her have.

So we remain distant but trusting with my niece our common bond.

I know how you feel, because I have a sister I feel close to. She is also suffering from mental illness like me and when she has a difficult time I get concerned for her, especially when she said she wanted to overdose on her pills and die. Luckily her girls are her reason for carrying on. I love her a lot and am glad to have a sister like her who understands what I am going through mentally.