Hope all is well Forum!

Hi Everyone… I have talked to the doctor and my other support team, We agreed that We can taper my clozapine bit by bit to see how it goes…Im very excited but at the same time worried in case my Symptoms come back… But i have learnt a lot of things While on Clozapine So… hopefully i can manage it well :slight_smile:


I’ve once completely tapered down my clozapine and I struggled to sleep for months. I hope you don’t have the same problem. Now I stay on 12.5 mg to help me sleep and take Invega as an ap.


Good luck @gamter


Why are you quitting Clozapine? My Dr just prescribed it for my negative and cognitive symptoms.

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I was sick of the monthly bloodtests. I also did weekly bloodtest twice for the starting duration… Just sick of the blood tests really. :slight_smile:


Hope you are well too mate!


You really don’t want to skip them, trust me on that.

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Never have ! haha

nobody suggested Clozapine to me.

why would you even want to start it?

it’s for bipolar, isn’t it?

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it is last resort medicine

well, I’d like a pill for trials in life, is it possible.

my mom told my daughter at a young age, Mom needs a happy pill.
she must have thought why aren’t me and Alec making her happy.

oh gawd, yes, Beth, so happy to have you guys!

I think thats something you would need to talk to doc with :slight_smile:

I’ve thought for a while that what happened to my life is really what schizophrenia is. Not the symptoms, not talking to people that aren’t there, not having disorganized thought, not not being able to finish anything…

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and then somebody, says, “I can’t look at this anymore.”

Yes, you can!

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You mean, like someone’s life?