Has anyone tried clozapine?

Hi I would like to try clozapine but I’m too scared of the dangers of this medication. Doctors have told me that it can mess with your bone marrow and cause blood disorders. It requires weekly blood tests. I’m wondering if all that nuisance and risk is worth it?


My first time on Clozapine went very well. The blood tests were annoying but worth it. I foolishly stopped it cold turkey after being on it for 2 and a half years. I’m on it again now and it’s not worth it. Barely touches my symptoms and causes a bunch of annoying and potentially dangerous side effects. I’m trying to get off of it.

I’m on clozapine. I feel other meds would work better they have in the past. I don’t like clozapine. My new Dr put me on it and it p1sses me off my old Dr said the other meds work and I brought that up to my new Dr and he didn’t really say anything

I tried clozapine but had to stop taking it.

I tried Clozapine in 1998. And it took away most of the psychosis. I took 600 my Clozapine with a depot injection. The only problem with Clozapine is that it has a lot and sever side effects. If you can handle the side effects then you can get a happy life on that.

I’ve been on clozapine for 14 years.

I go to blood tests once a month. when I started, I had to go to blood tests once a week for two months. but I was in hospital so it was easy that way.

I also take Abilify so my clozapine dosage us pretty low. thankfully…

I am on clozapine because no other medication has helped me as it has helped me. but there are a lot of side effects it gives. I have heard some doctors call clozapine “the wonder drug” because it is so effective. here where I live you must have tried 3 other antipsychotics, that won’t work, before you can try clozapine.

but there are side effects. some go away if you take the medication long enough. but some stay and you just have to live with them. I have had to choose between better mental health and no side effects, I choose better mental health.

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too be hournest. I would preferred side effects over being a mental wreck.