Honey Trap?

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Have any of you been in this place ?

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Please be careful if you are referencing what I think you are

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Why care full ? I am not scared of anyone.

What if anyone, is in it ?

I have or feel like it.

But as a schizophrenic will people believe in me.

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Okay, there may be something lost in translation here. Do you know what a honey trap is?


If that’s what your referring to, I would be careful. And yes as a sz.


All right, so we’re in agreement.

Have any of you faced it ?

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When I was in India, multiple times
…and I was very careful

Really ? Ok. What if you are into it. There always a way out.

But why are you stating there is no way out ?

Also, Have you guys anytime misinterpreted for loving some dearly into this.

Why would you be into getting grifted?

I don’t think so.

I just want a clear understanding can a sznic love someone.

think in this way, when can you actually, love some one.

But misinterpret into this.

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Yeah of course you can love someone. I thought we were talking about honey traps

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Yes, have you guys felt love being as a honey trap ?

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No. Love ain’t a honey trap imo.
My ex wanted to eat my liver but whatever

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This condition sucks cant even whole heartily love someone.

This is my second instance, previously I liked a person and called cyber cell on that person.

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What’s that? Donno

Nope. I don’t do things that would cause me to have to worry about entrapment.

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