High prolactin

Those of you that have had high prolactin from your meds, can you tell me how you were diagnosed? Did your levels go up slowly or all of a sudden? Did you have to get an mri?

My levels have always been low normal until about a month ago they spiked really high. I’m also having issues with my TSH being super low all of a sudden.

My doctor thinks it’s might be a brain tumor, but I’m still holding out hope it’s just from my meds. Though that doesn’t explain the TSH.

Anyways, any advice? Anecdotes?

I had hypothyroidism so I had a low TSH. For me, my doctor said not to worry about my raised prolactin levels. I wasn’t even aware of my prolactin levels until I went to go see a gyenecologist.

You will be ok! :slight_smile: thinking of you.

Hypothyroidism would be high. Mine are Hyper, not hypo.

Oh sorry, I keep confusing the two. I’m pretty sure it’s just hyperthyroidism, but is he ordering a MRI of your brain?

I had high prolactin on invega sustenna after about 6 months. I switched to abilify and my levels went back to normal after a couple of months

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Yeah, MRI of the brain and brainstem. Looking for a prolactinoma.

Oh I see! I hope your results come back normal.

i’m hoping with you that it’s just because of the meds… keep us updated on it.

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