Is anyone has hyperprolactinemia for long time?

hi all ;
Nearly all ap except abilify is cause some high level of anyone has hyperprolactinemia for long time.i m just wonder what is the side effects.did you notice any difference at muscles or somewhere else.

My routine lab test found my Prolactin levels too high. My reg Dr. said I had a pituitary tumor after my MRI. Then I had to see an endocrinologist, who poo-poo’d my Dr saying it was only a shadow. My reg Dr dumped me shortly after stating he was cutting the number of patients he see’s.
Can’t recall what, if anything as far as symptoms, are muscle problems relevant? It would fit if true.

Funny thing is, my mom tells me this year my cousin had surgery to remove her prolactin tumor a year ago, and now another cousin has been found to have one.
So my Dr may not have been wrong, just hushed up.

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thanks for reply long have you been suffer from hyperprolactinemia?

That was in 2008. I also have hypothyroidism, and had been taking synthroid (daily) from 2008-2014.
I lost my medical insurance in 2014 due to divorce and had to stop all meds- including the synthroid once I ran out in 2014.
Haven’t seen a Dr since then.

so sorry for hear that.i hope you can get insurance back again.

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I never had this issue on any of the meds. But my body fat percentage has been weird. =(

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