I am not doing well this morning

everything negative is occupying my mind.

so let me please try here to think positive.

I have a mom who is sometimes really sweet to me.

I have a daughter who is a good young woman and is pretty darn good to me.

I should think positive that I can build that beautiful life I wanted and dreamed of.

it isn’t impossible.



Believe in and care/love yourself and all should fall into place


thank you specially wave. no body ever tells me that. i am going to start work in a few minutes, so bye for now. judy

bye judy, I wish you well, and have a great day :sunny:

You’re right, it isn’t impossible!

Your positive thinking will keep you on the right path!

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you have a daughter…do you have the right to not feel well?..lol

nothing is impossible with the right attitude that you have…sending blessings your way

thanks bubbles. blessings to you too. judy

hi sorry your not feeling great:( sending hugsx

dandydinmot, thanks for caring and sharing. I am feeling better today. I went to work and did my work and took a great hour of a lunch break at the nearby library and listened to music on the computer there.

things are on the up and up today. how about for you?


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**Hurray!!! :>>Glad you`re doing better!