Feeling Pretty Good Today

I do not know what to relate it to, but despite a lack of sleep, no, I am not turning manic, I feel pretty good today. I FINALLY spoke to my mom last night, and that made me feel better, not a lot, but atleast a bit I neverdid get to speak to my daughter, but deep down I did not get my hopes up. Honestly I think this computer made a world of difference for me, I can get into chat now, although I only went to the village for about 20 minutes and I was not all that impressed probably because I was not familiar with anyone.
I am having a premonition that my schiz symptoms are going to get to the point where my meds can be lowered. I am learning to set small goals, not just financial, but obstacles, like getting back my relationship with my daughter. that would really mean the world to me. my other goal starts January 1st, I will once again be vegetarian, except for fish, possibly. the fish part I am not sure about because I do need some protein, but of course there are other sources of protein. When I was vegetarian for4 yrs, I felt so much better al the way around, so I think it will make me feel better again.
sorry so long, my whole point wasmthat I am feeling good today. I hope you all are too!