Hi guys, Im new here and I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today who told me I was cured of schizophrenia and I can come off my medication now. Whats going on?

I thought it was a life long brain disease?

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That sounds great! But what makes him sure of that. That is quite a statement to make.

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I have no symptoms, Im only on 5mg of Abilify, I’m back to myself, I am working now albeit in ‘‘retail’’ as my education was derailed, i never had voices or hallucinations…

It is. You’ll probably have a relapse. So if I were you I’d have a plan in place for when that eventually happens.

OK if u don’t mind me asking on what grounds were u diagnosed as schizophrenic

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Please see another doctor.


Yes probably good to get a second opinion…

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i hope he is right, i really hope he is right :slight_smile: good luck x

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Some people recover completely, with or without meds, it is not always a life long disease.


Good for you! I have just come off a similar dose of Abilify, my pdoc said it was okay. You haven’t given details of your history, but your pdoc probably based the decision on that. They know what’s best for us.

Remember, some people can be in remission for certain symptoms while still suffering from others. Even those who go into remission can unexpectedly relapse, or may not be in complete remission. If you’re employed (good for you) you stand out as being one of very few who achieve that.


Why did she say I was cured so. She is an expert and has written books on psychiatry even.


how many times did you relapse? some pdoc said you have to take life long med if you have one time relapse.

I was delusional for three years, hospitalised under the mental health act for 5 months, treatment resistant, on antipsychotics for 2 years and now I am coming off them. I basically had thought broadcasting. That’s all.


I was unwell for 3 years but have not had a relapse. I have been well for 2 years as far as the abatement of positive symptoms goes.

if you are first time, probably you could off your med. have a try and good luck!


I hope it ends well for you. But make sure you know what numbers to ring IF things start to go wrong again. I.e. have a relapse plan.


We all wish for this but SZ/SZA can’t be cured, it can be controlled however.

But she is the expert.

Your psychiatrist sounds so positive. With me I’m weaning off of abilify too but they tell me there’s a chance of relapse into sz. N my initial diagnosis was psychosis not sz.

Well my GP told me that I could possibly regress…