My pdoc said i was in remission

my p-doc said i was in remission.

has anyone heard this term before?


Wow, I’ve not heard that. But good for you. Congratulations. Very good news. What ever you and your team are doing it’s working for your benefit. May this good time remain.

I’ve heard that I’m going through a stable period. But remission. It makes sense.

The way I’m reading this is as good way to look at it. It doesn’t say, “your cured and all is well so we don’t need to worry.” But it does say that your doing really well.
I’m smiling at your good news.


Yes, and that’s great news! Some people with schizophrenia, with the proper treatment, can experience remission for extended periods of time. This means your positive symptoms may go away completely for a period of time. There have been many cases where the remission lasts years.

But not all remissions are permanent. You may experience active positive symptoms again in the future. This is called a relapse.

Many patients go through periods where their symptoms stop for a while and then become active again. Then stop again. This is a relapse/remission cycle. It can go on this way for life. But usually, the symptoms are less severe after each remission.

So be very happy that you’re doing so well! But try to be realistic and not expect it to last forever. Keep your eyes open for positive symptoms creeping back up.




thanks J, i was diganosed with schizoaffective way back in 2003 but the past 8 months i feel my life has turned around big time in regards to syptoms of it. im syptom free 8 months while still taking 15mg zyprexa and 40mg serxoat, i am not at the stage though of coming off meds i feel ‘if’ im still well in 4 years time than coming off meds would be possible, although on the other hand, i have accepted i might need them for life being on them so long like. but im delighted with my progess and it gives me much hope for a better life all round

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I know I’ll still be on meds for a while yet. But with other therapies and coping workshops, I feel I’m able to survive on lower doses. But meds or not, you’re walking, your making progress, your sounding great.

Still your news makes me smile. Just in time for a really good Christmas. :smiley:

thanks Rad,

i know im not out of the woods in relation to such a severe illness but i feel i can ride the waves with the change of heart which has happened, im in the process of correcting myself in every way possible. i feel inner peace most of the time which is a bonus.

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From your posts recently, it sounds like you’re doing everything you can to maximize your health. You’re doing a great job :slight_smile: Obviously, you’re doing all the right things.

Keep it up bud!



Congradulations Pedro, i hope you stay without symptoms at least for many many years… Try do stay away from trigars like stress, fast food, alcohole and so on.

That’s great news. I’m a little jealous. lol

That’s wonderful news, thanks for sharing. It’s inspiring to others to know that you’re symptom free right now, I hope to reach a similar stage shortly.

good on you , i am happy for you.
take care

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Pedro! It’s good to see you here! I also an considered to be in remission, but it involves a benzodiazapine. I am very likely to be taking xanax long-term, it together with Geodon has me symptom and side effect free. The xanax stops the akathisia Geodon causes and helps me socialize.

remission /re·mis·sion/ (re-mish´un) diminution or abatement of the symptoms of a disease; the period during which such diminution occurs.
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re·mis·sion (r-mshn)

  1. Abatement or subsiding of the symptoms of a disease.
  2. The period during which the symptoms of a disease abate or subside.
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