Beating mental illness, and your diagnose

if you beat mental illness need no more meds and the pdocs that said you have sz, and your not anymore is it right to diagnose such a label of sz even when your cured from all systoms?

Since you’re in remission, did your doc say you can stop taking medication?

im still taking meds, but im thinking in a few years time i might be in a postion to come off meds all going well.

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That would be great, Pedro! Keep up your great work!

You’re an inspiration to us all.



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thanks Anthony…time will tell but the past year im feeling very well

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I dont know about stopping meds…I have heard in class that schizophrenia requires lifelong adherence to a medication regiment. It’s common for people to think that THEYRE better when its MEDS making them FEEL better. I know I am one pill away from hallucinations and delusions, but when I take my meds i am perfectly high functioning and as symptom free as I could have every hoped to be. Not to rain on your parade, but I think they want to not even think about letting you off meds for at least five years after youve entered remission.

But why you even want to stop meds? They’re the reason people enter remission, the vast majority of the time…

spontaneous recovery from schizophrenia is usually only during later in life, life in the years of retirement. Male schizophrenics get worse for their adult life then usually improve in their elderly years. It’s not the same for female schizophrenics, they get worse but have a slightly later onset, on average. It’s strange, and its not understood, just quantified by statistics. I am studying psychology at a uni, I am just sharing what I learned there

what I really mean to say is “dont ■■■■ with meds”, that’s just what I have learned, as someone in remission who has experimented with not taking meds. And holy ■■■■, not taking them was hell, my psychosis came back worse than ever.

I just dont want you to make what sounds like a mistake that I have already made- I remember screaming to myself in the shower after skipping my meds one morning and going to the gym, with the idea that my meds were making me weak. Now I just drink preworkout supplements with creatine and stimulants in order to get my strength up. No need to skip meds to beat my personal records!

If I had no symptoms what so ever I would most likely still keep the label on my folder. I used to be in the thick of it… and if I go into remission and doctors come and go, say… when I’m 40 or something… and (hope I don’t) but I relapse… I would like to think I’m not starting from scratch with the diagnosis and trial and error and all that again.

I would most likely keep my diagnosis even if I was cured of all symptoms.

Schizo diagnoses are permanent. Even if you are in remission, unless you entered remission without meds, the diagnosis is there for life. But that’s a good thing! It keeps you out of trouble, your license plate, when checked in a cop car’s computer, says “mentally ill” and so they will take it easy on you.

What do you mean when a cop checks you on your license plate it says mentally ill?? are you joking?? i don’t think it says that. :slight_smile:

In such a case, I think that it would be appropriate to say that the person in question has fully recovered from schizophrenia. Dr. E. Fuller Torrey wrote in his book Surviving Schizophrenia that an analysis of studies conducted by J.H. Stephens found that approximately 25 percent of individuals with symptoms of schizophrenia are described as being fully recovered when followed up after 10 years. Torrey also wrote that those who fully recover do so during the first two years of their illness and are individuals who’ve usually had no more than two discrete psychotic episodes.