Hey so i finally won acceptance

Hey so I’m finally accepted here, just as I seem to be on my way out.

Better late than never though. Otherwise I probably would have been bitter. So thank you everyone for your tolerance and possibly acceptance. Half of the time I post thing I don’t even really think of it.

People think I’m smart I’m actually pretty dumb- especially with people and context and all the subtlties and all that crap. Like it literally took me like a week to even figure out that Notmoses and firemonkey were fighting on here.

It took me like a year to even get firemonkey’s username- that’s actually pretty cool

And I also actually like Malvok, when I play Age of Wonders I think of him.

And nick’s cool- I’m still waiting for the pic of the park ranger part of his life which inspired me a long time ago from his stories.

Anyway that being said,

I’ve actually finally managed to convince my parents about how broken and horrible (and underfunded) this mental health care system is-----

So I’m golden (finally)- if you’re jelous then that just proves me right.

If you’ve actually received good health care from this system then great! Keep it up! I didn’t though.


Oh yeah and I still have no clue at all as to how I suddenly won acceptance either. I’m not gonna try to figure it out though.

I was like wow wtf? My account was unblocked one day? what did I say?

Lol I think I was actually talking about my musings on the egyptian goddess Bast…

Makes absolutly no sense.

Oh, and no hard feelings!!!

no. hard. feelings.

Take care brother! Stop in whenever.

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Here’s the inspirational song of the evening.

Truly a pleasure.

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When were you ever not accepted on this site?

This is my fave Billy Joel song ever…

What do you mean? You’re always accepted here. I’m new, but I personally accept everyone.

You know I’ve been “diagnosed” for freakin 7-8 years I don’t even remember anymore… and I can’t believe that I’m finally making it out of this.

And I seriously can’t believe the large degree of b.s. that people seem to spew into these “self help groups”/ support groups w/e they’re called. I’m not just talking about on here either… they do it in real life too. face to desk I’m gonna just stop right there… I just can’t believe that ppl actually think that that’s good/constructive.



Accepted into what, a paid clinical trial, ssi,ssdi, treatment center, psyche ward?

that’s not funny…

I’m just wondering what the context is? No offence.

none taken. 151515

I get it by reading a second time, you got banned?

I’m seriously starting my own schizophrenia website and charging $$$


Haha whatever makes money is a good thing from my point of view.

Jukebox’s book. I bought it like I said I did.


I shaved the beard too. Lol.

Like I said yall to all my fellow dxed ppl!

Good luck getting outa there- you’re gonna need it.

It’s possible though truely- especially if you’re still young. I did it you can too.


lol throwback song from my 5th grade ■■■■.

of course this is probably much more apropriate…