Hey kidsister and everybody else

I would be surprised if you have never seen or heard this routine. If it’s your first time you’re in for a treat. Maybe the best known comedy bit ever.


Thank you for the Abbott and Costello.

By the magic of Youtube, I’ve been watching a lot of these guys too,

The Sanity Clause. :smiley:


Duck soup and a Night at the opera are comedy classics

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I guess everybody knows that the silent Marx brother could talk in real life. But that was a funny clip kidsister. Thanks. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin made some really funny movies too. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were REALLY funny in their road pictures. It’s easy to forget these guys but they are funnier then a lot of comics today.

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do you know what makes me laugh more than anything?

Tom and Jerry lol, idk why, i just find it hilarious

Yeah, Tom and Jerry are good. When Simon & Garfunkel first started performing, they went under the stage name “Tom & Jerry”.

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I read somewhere that Harpo was the smartest one. He had the financial savvy. Chico was the one with the biggest drinking and gambling problem.

I love the fact that Margaret Dumont, the actress who was always the stuffy one, was actually a wild, fun loving, larger then life lady behind the scenes. Quite the daring feminist.

That’s funny about Margaret Dumont, I didn’t know that.Then she’s a great actress I guess.

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Hey kidsister, here’s another classic comedy routine you may like. It was on the show “I love Lucy”.

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Another great lady who just blew people away was Gracie Allen. She played such a dip on T.V. but behind the scenes she was the money maker.

George Burns said that she would be the one to haggle the booking contracts. People would let down their guard thinking she was stupid and she’d manage to get twice the booking rate from these hardened money guys.

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I remember watching this in a film class. I love Hapro Marx. Thank you this one. I forgot about how funny this was.


George Burns: “Say goodnight Gracie”

Gracie: “Goodnight Gracie”.

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