Do you enjoy any standup comedy?

I thought that i would actually try and say something normal for a change.

I enjoy the routine of stephen wright very much, the man is a freaking genius. I can’t believe he made people laugh without saying anything negative or cruel, now that is a miracle, seriously, i just couldn’t believe he actually had a successful career doing standup without all of the negativity.

Do any of you enjoy any standup routines?

See, thats normal, i can be postitive i swear it!


We like you just the way you are. You don’t have to be “Normal” for us. If we were all “normal” what would this site be about?

I do like Stephen Wright.
As far as stand up, I do like Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy. They poke more fun at themselves then at others. Bill’s routine about “Vicodin Land” makes me laugh every time.

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I haven’t thought about those guys in some time, maybe ill have to have a recap.

I’m not generally a big fan of standup, but there is one exception, Dave Chappelle. This guy is just hilarious.

I prefer skit comedy to standup, there is a show on Comedy Central called Key & Peele. It’s great. SNL is still good too.


I like stand-up comedy. and I think Steven Wright is very fumy. I like a lot of comics that I can’t think of right now. Sam Kinison was funny. Bob Goldplatt is funny. Richard Pryor, Mitch Hedenburgh. I like a lot of the best known ones. Chris Rock, George Carlin. I liked Steve Martin. He was at the top of her heap in the seventies. But his ‘wild and crazy’ guy routine seems a bit dated.

That show Seinfeld was pretty good.

this is perfect- it includes us schizophrenics!

type sean lock lochipedia into utube mans giefted I say gifted.

I thought George Carlin was a comical genius, I also like Dave Chappelle - he cracks me up everytime

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All great comedians, although i couldn’t agree with george when he joked about taking us and throwing us in a big fenced in area somewhere and then letting all of the really hard criminals have at us. And taking the terminally ill and chucking them into the grand canyon, that wasn’t really funny.

Sometimes it sounds as if george was just a grumpy old dichead.

Bill burr is good sometimes i think, although he said we need a plague to kill some people, i couldn’t agree, we don’t need a plague but just to wrap it up more often.

They joke about it and people laugh, they mention the amazing numbers of people alot, but as usual people blame something other than their genetalia and addiction to it.

Bob Goldthwaith is from the bay area, or at least was in the bay area way back in the early 1980’s. Me and my brother used to drive to San Francisco early in the morning to the radio station KQAK, and I can’t think of the DJ’s last name, Alex was his first, but he had open studio from 6-9AM where the audience could sit inside the studio and watch them talk. Many local comedians used to stop by and promote their shows or self. This before any of them got famous. Bob was one of the funnier ones…sigh, I so miss that station.

Wow, that grounds like a neat thing to do. Did you ever listen to KOME, 98.5?

Love standup Comedy.

I love Dave Chapelle but Ricki Gervais amd Michael Mcintyre take the cake.

Michael McIntyre was the best guest on uk top gear.

Yes, ricki is good, his stuff with old karl pilkington is my favorite.

Gotta love karl.

The KOME spot on the radio? Naturally!

Cool. Makes me feel nostalgic for the good old days, driving around town in my friends mothers Volkswagen Super-beetle cranking out KOME playing Led Zeppelin or Boston. I’m not sure how old you are Csummersx. Do you remember a popular DJ on KOME who called himself 'Weird Old Uncle Frank"? This was in the late seventies. I heard about two years ago that he got a sex change operation and now he’s a women!! And while we’re at it the others station that was almost as good as KOME was 92.3 KSJO: “Industrial strength Rock & Roll”. I think I still got an old yellow sticker from KOME in a carton somewhere in my storage.

Ah, brings back the memories…I’m 49 years old. Been listening to the radio, which was always on because of my oldest brother(8.5years older than me) who used to have the radio on constantly. He used to record songs off the radio onto my dad’s old reel to reel tape recorder.
I very much recall most of the music from the mid-late 60’s fondly.
Weird old uncle Frank is now weird old Aunt Frankie?
And yes on KSJO, out of San Jose, right?
I live about 40 minutes away from San Francisco-north that is.
Unfortunately, many stations wern’t real clear until you dropped down into Vallejo.

Yeah, KSJO was out of San Jose. They pretty much played the same music. KSJO might have played hard rock a little more. I’ve been to San Francisco quite a few times.And yes, I liked sixties music too. Have a merry Christmas Eve, Eve.

I’m just surprised no one has said Robin Williams yet.

Dave Chappelle is ■■■■■■■ funny.