I always knew you had a problem with the Jewish faith. (NOT a religious thread)

Another hilarious video of Upright Citizens Brigade, the show that gave Amy Poehler her start.

I previously had shared a sketch of theirs about ass pennies.

FYI, Matt Besser, who plays the Jewish man in these sketches, really is Jewish; I’ll bet he got the biggest kick out of doing these sketches.

“We’re gonna eat some shellfish and get some tattoos!”

@anon54386108 you might like this one. :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember bits and pieces of that show. Never forgot the name. I remember ass pennies, hole in the sheet , and the hot chicks room. Always wanted a hot chicks room.

Good show, I should go back and watch it now that I’m not way to young

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Yep, the hot chicks room, in the bucket of truth episode.

It’s my all-time favorite TV show; I used to have all of the episodes on disc, watched them all many times.

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Yeah, you’ve convinced me, I’m gonna find it. I’ll show my very straight laced fiancée what I grew up on


The four of them made a movie called Martin & Orloff. It’s funny, though not as good as UCB imo.

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