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@mortimermouse This made me think of you.

Hope all is well, thank you for your advice and support of others.

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You’ve been gone for awhile?

Hi 77Nick77

I lost track of time. First Finals and then extra help needed at work. Just now having time to catch up on stuff that isn’t school or work related. I read about you being in charge at work. Very cool. It is good to be the king.

I love Mel Brooks

How did your finals go?

Finals didn’t go so good. I have to take the class over. I had some personal problems and I let them interfere with my schooling. I will have to take it over again but the good news is that I can use all my papers from this class when I take it over. And I did VERY well on most of them.
Anyway!! You sure know some funny things kidsister. First you liked Ringo and George Harrison’s music which was before your time and now you know Mel Brooks! I like that. Are you into the Rolling Stones at all?

Oh you had to mention the Stones? My brother used to play “Dance Little Sister” all the time. I am so much of a Stones fan. I like a lot of their later work.

Hot Rock’s was good, but Sticky Fingers and Beggar’s Banquet were more my style. I even like Tattoo You. Ron Wood really brought something to the table after he left the Faces. Favorite song is “Little T & A” sung by Keith.

As far as Mel, well, History of the world is a classic. My brother is addicted to comedy. I’ve even seen the “Jack Benny Show”

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My field of “expertise” is the Beatles. But I know some stuff about the Rolling Stones. I have heard of every album you mentioned and I have “Hot Rocks” but I don’t know every song on those albums just the more popular ones. How about “Some Girls”, great album don’t you think? Wasn’t Rod Stewart from the Faces too? I’m not sure. I saw the Stones live when they were touring for “Some Girls”. This was way back in1978. Yeah, Jack Benny was funny. I like comedy too. Milton Berle, Grouch Marx, Abbot & Costello etc. Bob Hope was funny but his material seemed a little outdated near the end of his career. Hope you and James have a good, trouble-free Easter.

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I’m glad to be useful!

Just set a new personal record by the way- 345lb squats, five reps, I weight 167.

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I haven’t thought of any personal record since I left the beach guard team.

I might have to see if there is an open water goal I hope to beat.

Right now, I would like to not let Dall’s Porpoises throw me off my board. They look just like Orca’s and when I see them under my board, I loose my game. Not my best day surfing.

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that sounds fantastic, here in Memphis one can surf in the Mississippi river in brown nasty water

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Congratulations on the personal best.

I didn’t know there were surfers in Mississippi.

I just looked it up, you were joking huh? :blush:

So more jet skiing and ramp skiing. Still very cool.

But hey… I see you guys have flyboarding… that would be cool.

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this is the card i got sweep today :slight_smile:


That is a lovely card. I hope she liked it.

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