Jerry Lewis

Hey anyone out there a Jerry Lewis fan? I’m feeling a little down so i am going to put on an old Jerry Lewis DVD. “The Family Jewels”. In France he’s considered a comedy genius… I just find him very funny. I hope it works for me.


I have heard of him, but I haven’t heard much of his work…

My brother studies comedy. I think he has a secret dream to be a stand up comic.

I’ve seen “The Family Jewels” and “The Nutty Professor” many times. I know Dean Martin was the straight man, but I’m not that much of a Dean Martin fan.


That’s funny. When I was growing up he was a household name. But I guess he’s old school now. In the forties and fifties, him and his comedy partner Dean Martin were the biggest night club act around. And their movies were huge too.

You know who I’m seeing as a very subtle comic heavy weight from that era? Carry Grant. “Operation Petticoat” and “Philadelphia Story” are really funny.

That pink submarine :laughing: I got the movie off amazon.

Yeah, Cary Grant was good. His main genre I believe was romantic comedies.Yeah his movies are classics.

I also had a bit of a crush on Lou Costello. Actually we watch a lot of Abbot and Costello.

Last year it was ALL Marx brothers all the time.

I hope you enjoy your movie and it cheers you up. It’s a good movie. Jerry Lewis played all those parts himself.

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You’ve got good taste in movies. i think I will go on Amazon right now and buy a Marx Brothers movie.

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This one is off topic, but as a swimmer I used to watch her movies a lot last year.

Have you ever heard of Ester Williams?

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Yeah, I know who she is. Her movies were directed by Busby Berkley, right? I believe she won a gold medal in the Olympics for swimming. As did Johnny Weissmuller.

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This is pure geek swimming history, but he introduced the flip turn when he swam the 100 meter in less then a minute.

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Wow, that’s interesting. I didn’t know he invented that. That’s trivia that I might be able to use someday in a conversation.

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Hey kidsister, speaking of trivia have you heard of Hedy Lamarr? She was a super-actress during the forties and she was once voted the most beautiful women in the world. She co-patented an invention that paved the way for today’s wireless communication including Bluetooth. Her invention was initially meant for the U.S. Navy during WWII as a device to control torpedoes but they never used it in the war. But the Navy kept it top secret until after the war had ended.


I can believe it, beauty and brains. She was stunning.

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