Help! I lost my state sponsered medical insurance and Medicare doesn't cover my meds!

I recently lost my state sponsored medical insurance, which paid the remaining amount of my meds, my Medicare only covers 60% of my meds, and I can’t afford the $60 plus that each bottle of meds costs. I can’t find work because of a bad break down at a previous job, which resulted in my being fired, and am now on disability, but I get very little and barely got by while on my states medical program. I have only two weeks of meds left if I take doses, and while my benefits barely keep me off the streets, I still get too much to continue with the state insurance.

If anyone knows of a program in Maine that helps with meds please contact me! I was in a very bad place before I got on meds, and I dread the idea of not only being unable to afford my meds, but not being able to see my mental health coordinator who was paid by the Mainecare, and does not accept Medicare. As of Xmas this year I will have had no mental health care, besides my low dose of meds, for a full month.

I think I’ve heard of elderly people getting a substantial discount on their drugs by buying them in Canada. You might look into that.

I have, my insurance won’t cover anything out of Canada and the full price of the meds without insurance is $150 for a 30 day supply

you are looking for sponsored insurance in Maine that covers your meds and healthcare providers? :confused: i may not know the area, but i could maybe help you search online… may i ask… what is your healthcare provider, dremulf?

Franklin Health Behavioral Services. I have already used up my local pharmacy’s Community Assistance program, which covers meds twice per year on an emergency basis.
might be helpful… (?)but i don’t know for sure))

I have tried these services, the Care Partners covers medical attention, but not meds, and the mainecare already denied me the free services also only cover a visit with a mental health professional and not meds. In the morning I am contacting my local branch of Maine Charities, which has a program for people like me to get me by for three months if I meet the requirements sounds international

was hopeful for a moment, but even with the assistance program the monthly cost is half of my total income…at least according to the estimates the site gave me

How did you lose it?

I did a review and they determined that my monthly income was too high, despite the fact that I only get 876 a month and have to pay rent plus utilities.

Issue solved, I got with a local charity and they referred me to a community outreach program that covers all but $1.20 of my meds, $3.80 for the ones that don’t have a generic version. Thank you for your help!