What benefits does your state or country offer to you for mental illness?

For me the only thing that i have that i know of in my state is i get full coverage insurance with medicare and a state medical assistance program for disabled people that are working. i pay a premium based on my income but it is full coverage and no copays. I also get 100 dollars a month to pay for medicare from my state because i’m disabled and working part time.

I do believe if i go off disability i still can qualify for the state medical assistance program for insurance up to 20,000 in assets which i don’t have. they have less stringent guidelines than social security has for qualifying you as a disabled.

that’s the only thing i can think of right now. I’m sure there are nonprofits that also are beneficial but i haven’t taken advantage of any.

Anyone else want to say what their state or country offers??

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I actually don’t know what Washington state is offering right now, this last state election sort of overhauled the entire process. I’m out of the loop. My parents really took care of that end of things for a long time. I was section 8 housing when I couldn’t be in a group home. I got medicare and that helped with meds, but it always seemed like barely enough.

My parents fought tooth and nail to keep me on their insurance for a while after I turned 18 and that helped as well.
I’m all about Non-profits. Food banks, community centers, classes for low income households, out patient services through some of the foundations here in the northwest were all helpful. Community centers are the first place I tell people to look for jobs. The range is vast and most hours are flexible.

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For me it’s difficult because I don’t qualify yet for disability despite not having any work history other than summer camps and babysitting. I’ve decided at some point within the next few weeks to go to a place that offers job counseling and support. But I’m not sure if that’s the work force or rehabilitation services. I don’t have a disability, and I don’t want to make it out like I do. I just need help in job placement. The last time I went there, they were rude and put me on some kind of provincial goodwill job which my family and I thought was debasing because I wasn’t tested or anything for skills. So I might not go through them. I can type fast, I’m friendly and personable etc. I could handle a lot of different jobs.

Benefits? I don’t receive any. The medication is expensive, the insurance companies aren’t supportive despite having Blue Cross Blue Shield. I also don’t receive government aid, and I am being forced to pay back a 2 scholarships due to a family crisis.

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I receive social security disability benefits and Medicare. Social security also offers a program called Extra Help, which pays co-pays for medications and premiums for Medicare Part D drug insurance.

My state offers food assistance benefits (called SNAP). And Medicaid, an additional insurance plan for low income/disabled. People who qualify for SNAP or Medicaid get discounted electricity bills in the summer months. And people who qualify for Medicaid get free transportation to doctors appts.

Ironically, I used to help my patients apply for these benefits. And now I’M the one on them lol. But knowing the resources available has made getting the help I need a lot easier! And I’m super thankful that I live in a state that has so many benefits for the disabled.



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I get SSI (Supplemental Security Income), and medical assistance, and food stamps. I had to appeal my rejection with a lawyer to get SSI in front of a judge. It was a terrible experience. The judge was very mean, but he gave me SSI benefits, so I guess I have to be grateful for that. As I understand it the SSI, medical assitance, and food stamps are all federal (in the US). Before that I got $215 per month from the state of Pennsylvania and medical assistance through the state of Pennsylvania, and the federally funded food stamps, though that is administered through the state of Pennsylvania. The $215 per month that I got while waiting on appeal for SSI was reimbursed to the state after I got my decision for SSI.

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How terrible to have to go in front of a judge! That must’ve been very stressful for you.

I have a hard enough time just dealing with all the paperwork from social security.

I’m glad you got the benefits that you deserve!



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I get 188 euro a week, free meds, free bus and train pass, well looked after


i plan on going back to full time work in the new year

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I get extra help too right now. That’s nice that you have that. It’s good to know that good insurance is available to most people if they can qualify for disability.

you know the think i don’t like about nonprofits is it’s a lot of paperwork. I hate that. i know it’s beneficial though. How did you like section 8 housing?? was it okay to live in? Low crime?? Nice??

I’m sorry that you are having a rough time. i hope it gets better for you!

I agree scary that you had to go through that . Going before a judge sounds really scary.

No benefits for me. I’m working full time from January. The meds cost 1200 SEK/year. (About 172 USD) that is a benefit for all Swedish residents. Also doctor’s fee is the same. I’m really happy we have those because meds are really expensive. And I see my pdoc about 6 times/year and get infusions for RA once a month.

Free medications. That’s the best thing about my country. Best regards.

Pedro - what country are you in? Sounds like you have good support.

Petarpan - what country are you in?

Ireland, free visits to pdocs, and free groups for mental health

It was terrible. It was extremely stressful, and I was bothered by the experience for quite some time after that. He asked me things that had nothing whatsoever to do with schizophrenia like, “How much do you weigh?” and “How often do you eat?” I was overweight at that time from the antipsychotics. It was humiliating. I also confessed to him that I don’t shower every day. He yelled, “Don’t you care that you smell?!” I said, “What are you gonna do?” He yelled, " You could shower!" I didn’t bother to tell him that I use deodorant. But not taking good care of yourself is one of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I have since lost weight due to extreme dieting, and am no longer overweight.

What a nightmarish experience! I’m so sorry you had to go through that to get your benefits.

I have a real problem with the whole appeals process being decided by a judge–someone who has little to NO psychiatric/medical education whatsoever. It’s not right.

I hope you never have to go through that again. And kudos on losing the weight! :slight_smile:



Thanks. :smile: And I agree with you about judges not being qualified to determine these cases.