They are canceling my medicaid

I’m surprisingly not freaked out but they are canceling my medicaid. How does getting meds work if you only have medicare and not medicaid too please?? I f ayone knows, "m trying to plan… desimb

First of all, why is your Medicaid being cut?

Secondly, your Medicare Part B would pay for your meds.

There is an income-based program offered by Social Security called Extra Help, which pays a portion of your out of pocket expenses that Part D doesn’t pay. Name brand meds are $6.55 and generics are $2.55.

Hope this helps.



I still can’t afford obamacare!

If you can contact some pharmaceutical companies directly they sometimes give discounts on medications to low-income people.
There’s always Canada. They sell some drugs cheaper than in the U.S.A. But you have to be careful that what they sell is what they say. I bought an inhaler from a Canadian company. It’s for my cat.My vet told me not to from buy from them because some of the ingredients in Canadian drugs are not the same as in that same drug here. Sometimes.

I have medicare only and get my meds through Medicare part D. They aren’t completely covered - I pay some.

You have to choose an insurance company - I’m not sure how it works. When my insurance company cut me last year I had to pay full price until I got a new one. Walgreens charged over $400 a month for generic Zyprexa. Now I’, pay $30.

There’s a site where you can compare drug prices in your area.