Heat intolerance and, later, psychosis

Does anybody get too hot, get physically stressed from heat intolerance, and have a psychotic break.

I have heat intolerance too. It makes me sick if I’m out in the heat. But I was like that before I was on meds. I heard meds make you overheat

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Yes it irritates me and causes great anxiety for me.

It’s been a problem only when I am on med for mental illness, gradually getting worse. Are you on any particular med that intensifis the intolerance and leads to psychosis?

Thanks. Does anything help?

I don’t know. I’m on haldol shot 75 mg. I hear voices all the time while on meds but not sure if I get worse.

Effexor caused me terrible heat intolerance, but it is the only med that has ever done that to me.

I get hot flushes and the summers where I am at get very hot and latuda is a meditation where I think one is to avoid getting too hot.

Past 2-3 years i got hot, nauseous and start throwing up when exposed to direct sunlight… Just recently the suspicion came up of being schizo and that may have been a tactile hallucination… General heat intolerance also yes… Have and incredible cold tolerance thought… I’m usually comfortable when everyone else is complaining about being cold

I had allergy in my skin because of heat. Now not anymore

Thanks. I find this happens when I do monthly shopping in a car with no ac. Do you do anything to cool down?

I do Anything i can think of to cool down or get out of the sun

Thanks. I take haldol prn for breakthrough psychosis.

I’ve either changed into less clothes/cooler clothing, drink cold water, and/or of course go somewhere with cool air conditioning! Those are my go to when the heat intolerance occurs.

Thanks, again. I do those things, but, most often, I take off as many layers of clothes as possible lol

Usually not because it’s frequently yet it doesn’t last for long.m

Air conditioning helps.
Cold water.
Wait it out and take clothes of for a while and I’m trying supplements to take away menapause symptoms z

No. I exercise every second day and get pretty hot and sweaty during the exertion. I find that i actually feel better…at least mood wise, after i’ve exercised. I live in the tropics so i think i have a pretty good tolerance of heat.

Oh yes. Summer is not a good season for me though I handle the cold like a polar bear.

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I guess I start off by getting hot and staying that way for too long.

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Thanks. I’ll have my doctor run labs for hormonal changes. I didn’t think of that.