General question about psychosis

as a matter of general interest, when you are not coping or feeling stressed or near to or on the edge of a psychosis does your head feel warmer, like slightly over heated to a certain extent .
i am always like this ? i have to drink a tonne of water seemingly to cool my body (brain) down?
or is it that my brain is overloading ?
when i get this way reading for me is nearly impossible ! i become agitated and things annoy me, that normally would not ? thanks for any feed back.
take care

might be a symptom of schizophrenia. You know, some of us have bodily sensations that the docs always blame our brains for. But I do feel warmer in the head when im worrying, and I worry alot. I wake up and immediately begin worrying, then I take my xanax and then im flat as a pancake until it wears off.

thanks for replying,
i think i am just interested as to different symptoms that are unique to ourselves as individuals or to the actual illness .
take care

I begin to sweat if I’m starting to get stressed about something. I feel hotter all over. Then I get thirsty. I forgot to mention the pulsing light and my vision starts to glitch.