Since October of 2018 people have been able to read my mind. I’m also been able to send images of my thoughts to people through my mind. I first discovered I can do this from my ex. He has told me over and over that he can hear and see my thoughts. Now with him I only talk to him with my mind and he always replys to me the regular way. At first it freaked me out because how is this possible. How can I talk through my mind. In the beginning I thought I had schizophrenia until my ex told me he could really hear and see my thoughts. I do not know how I can get help from this cause honestly I just want to go back to normal but I doubt that will ever happen. The hardest parts of having this is when I go outside because I don’t want to scare anybody so I tried to think less but it is honestly so hard. If you still dont think this is not a delusion. How about I was working out in the gym when a thought of my ex came up in my mind and I pictured him in my mind so that image somehow was sent to everyone in the gym. Everyone freaked out and some people stopped working out and one person screamed what the hell. I have seen some cases of it before but honestly know one believes them and to tell you the truth if I was in your shoes I would not believe me either. Honestly I scared to tell anyone because I’m afraid I’m going to be a test rat of some sort. Don’t tell me this is all in my imagination because it’s not. I really am telepathic or something like that. Living like this has been a struggle all my energy is drained from trying to hide my thoughts so people wont get freaked out. I should go to a doctor for this but I do not think they can help me. I have had weird things happen to me before like being able to see the future through my dreams sometimes but nothing of this attitude. If you still don’t believe me here is another time when I sent an image of what I was thinking. Another instance is when I was with my Grandma and I was thinking about the sky so I sent an image to her of the sky and she replied back to my mom. I can read her mind. This is how I know what I’m going through is not a delusion. I sorry to bust anyone’s bubble but thought-broadcasting is a real thing. I have no privacy at all. Everything I think about Is read my everyone near me or even far away. Another time is when I was face timing with some of my friends from another country. I talked to them completely through my mind and they all could understand me. Some of them were a little freaked out but I wanted to know if this was a delusion so I tested it out. I do not have to talk to communicate with people anymore. All I have to do is talk through my mind. This is real mostly everyone that I’m around knows that I have this ability but right now i do not now why this was given to me or why do I have it. Honestly it’s really hard living like this but I’m taking it one day at a time. If anyone else has this please let me know. I wanna know how many of us in the world our like this. Right now I know there is no cure but if people who have this can tell me what they do to cope with this. It would help a lot. I wish this was a delusion but I sorry to say this is the real thing.


I think you are deluded and your boyfriend feeds your delusions

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Have you been evaluated by a psychiatrist?


For some time I was thinking that my thoughts are available to aliens. Like my head is transparent and I have no privacy. But it was a delusion. Now I still have this idea in the back of the head but I don’t believe it.

HMF! , hmf! the people who i think can hear my thoughts never let me know in reality that this is happening. there is not a shred of real evidence that this is true. its all circumstantial and subjective- only in your mind. i have gone through the same things but after years with the same people nothing was ever said. your boyfriend is putting you on.

Nobody can read your mind.

Some people have an amazing imagination. This is one such example.

I’ve had the mind reading thing. I felt I could project, but that I couldn’t read peoples responses. Now on antipsys I can see it was a load of baloney. If it were true, then I and a lot of people in this forum would be rich. Just try to think about that,.

I’ve thought I could read people’s minds and that others could read my mind for many years and I found out they could not.

Best answer I have, check the thread for thought broadcasting cure testimonials.

I have that happen to me, it makes me nervous around people.

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