Health advocates say schizophrenia should be reclassified as a brain disease



its funny bc the psychologists at a conference i went to said it was more of a defence mechanism, don’t ask me to explain that one lol


I’d love to see what explanation psychologists have for lupus or something.


A lot of psychologists are dim enough to believe this kind of crap.


Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are brain diseases.
There is no doubt.
But more research needs to be done.

Does this mean that Neurologists are going to take over?

Could be the end of psychiatry as we know it.


Good comment, Psychiatry is pseudoscience. I cant wait for real scientists to take there proper role.


i quite liked the idea of it, it was a fresh and unique perspective from the other side of psychiatry and i’m keeping an open mind about it.


I think it’s way too early for advocating that neurologists take over. There’s still too much room for false positives and false negatives.


There is never a perfect time, just get it done and over with :stuck_out_tongue:


I would call it a brain disorder. We don’t know enough of the whys and hows. Reclassify to get more money doesn’t sound right.


What exactly could these guys do that big pharma can’t? :thinking:


I would consider psychiatry more of an art form than a science.

It’s all about guesswork.


When I think of telling someone about sz, I say it’s a brain disease. There is no other explanation, it’s a malfunctioning of the brain.

It’s not anxiety, which I also have. Anxiety can have roots in psychological problems, but sz is not caused by maladjusted thinking. It’s a brain disease IMO


There’s no blood test for schizophrenia. They diagnose based on behavior. They cannot see the brain.

I believe it is a disease and needs more funding. Although rare, schizophrenia is a top 10 disability.


28 years off average life expectancy?! That’s depressing man, I don’t wanna die early…
Kind of hard to keep reading after that.

I got this from another article: On the other hand, here are some things that can: heart disease; diabetes; respiratory disease. Schizophrenia sufferers are dying prematurely, not from the disease itself but from conditions that are treatable and often preventable.

I think I need to start going to the doctor to get checkups regularly again. I’ll make an appointment for after my upcoming visit to CA. I had sepsis and I ignored the infections until the third or fourth one. I had to have knee surgery in the hospital because of it. Something about having sz makes it hard for me to get out and do things like go to the doctor.


[For example, parents and children share 50% of their genes but the risk of getting schizophrenia if one has a schizophrenic parent is only 6%. The following is your risk of developing schizophrenia based on a known relative with schizophrenia:1 General population – 1% First cousins / uncles / aunts – 2% Nephews / nieces – 4% Grandchildren – 5% Half-sibling – 6% Sibling – 9% Children – 13% Fraternal twins – 17% Identical twins – 48%]

Schizophrenia is, in part, a brain disease, so I’ll say that schizophrenia is a brain-based disease.

About 1% of the population has schizophrenia, but if one identical twin has schizophrenia, the other has a 48% chance of having schizophrenia at some point in his or her life. Since identical twins have the same DNA, we can reasonably say that schizophrenia has a genetic component.

Parents and children share 50% of their genes, but if neither parent has schizophrenia, the chance of the children having schizophrenia is only 6%. However, if you have a sibling who has schizophrenia, then you have a 13% chance of having schizophrenia. Thus we can reasonably say that schizophrenia has a heritability component.

Also, the brains of people with schizophrenia , using MRI and CT scans, have shown a markedly decrease in gray matter–up to 25%.

Returning to the identical twins, if one twin has schizophrenia, and since they have the same DNA, why isn’t the chance of the other twin having schizophrenia 100% instead of 48%?

In conclusion, schizophrenia is unequivocally a brain disease, but not solely a brain disease.


“schizophrenia should be reclassified as a brain disease” -upon request
There is one way to prove that sz is genetic brain disease,in the case if you are a person with real sz.
You can ask all biologists to cloning many copies from your biological body from your cell content,and waiting about 21 years-35 years to show if there is a copy suffer from real sz .

It is supposed that,in the case if the sz is inherited genetic brain disease, the schizophrenia will repeat itself in each copy 100% .
The pure surprise,you will not show any copy with schizophrenia ,because the sz condition have a single copy along the lifetime like the human being ,cannot repeating itself twice through the earthly life .
In reality,schizophrenia is a whole living health condition look like the human self ,it is a new different kind of the higher psychological life


I don’t want to be a bummer but that might be the avarage life expenctancy. I don’t know if it’s real. I think Its so low because 10% of sz die of suicide.
Lots of sz have others health problems from smoking/ drinking/drugs etc even from a unhealthy lifestyle. I don’t think the diasese kill you rather then our choises wich they might be good on short term but not in the long run


You get neuropsychiatrists


I do believe this is a large part of it, but I don’t think it’s like “oh, just choose to be healthy.” I think many with sz are forced into lower socioeconomic status, which creates barriers to healthy lifestyles. People on disability generally can’t afford healthy food, people without reliable transportation can’t go to the doctor every time they should, and people in those situations have higher stress levels which leads to cortisol buildup, which leads to weight gain and cardiac problems.

There’s also the possibility that the genes that cause schizophrenia are the same as the genes that cause the comorbid diseases contributing to the mortality rate.