Health advocates say schizophrenia should be reclassified as a brain disease


I got big anti-psychotic med dose reductions using EMDR. EMDR is a psychological intervention.


Sz could be genetic in origin - but the genes could also be turned on or off depending on their environment.


This. All of this.

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You and you say that;Schizophrenia is brain disease,brain disorder or malfunctioning of the brain …etc
But,in order to make the public readers believe the content of your hypothesis ;
1- Please,tell us the symptoms of schizophrenia that be felt by the persons with sz,and the symptoms that be diagnosed by the eyes of the external observers on the same persons with sz
2-Show us step by step the biochemical substances and the genetic functions which play the main role to coding and decoding the two kinds of symptoms .

  • What is the symptom? and what is the mechanism of effect ?


It is acceptable to use the wordplay art to say that;
The symptoms of sz it seems as a result of brain disease, as an inherited genetic condition,and we can treatment some of these symptoms by medication For some degree,despite we do not know what is nature of the sz condition itself, where it come from, or the biological processes behind it or/ any material cause related it .

Just, read the realities events as they are without propitiation the reader phantasy


They say "Schizophrenia should be reclassified as a Brain Disease "

We can dividing this statement into 2 sections:
1- Schizophrenia "the condition)
2-Brain disease “the classification”

At first,
what is the characteristics of thing (s) in which you have indicate to it by term “schizophrenia”
Please.explain the thing(s) itself ,and the reasons that make you classify these things as a disease condition

In practice,you are diagnosing a group of symptoms call them positive,negative ,cognitive …etc), no more !
Optionally ,you have naming these group by term "schizophrenia "
the schizophrenia term is just a personal donation from you to these group of symptoms !
The diagnostic symptoms is the things that you know about the schizophrenia -no more
Whereas the term “schizophrenia” is just a hypothetical name have not actual substance in the anatomical structure or even in the our real world
The whole issue of sz for the scientists is just a symptoms-nothing else
The questions;
What in the characteristics of the positive,negative and cognitive symptoms, which make you insist to reclassified them as a determined results of brain disease ?
What in the positive,negative or cognitive symptoms from the disease traits ?
Where the substance of the disease in the brain structure ?

In the case if you find any disease substance,
what is the causality relationship between it and the positive,negative and cognitive symptoms ?
Please,Explain step by step the mechanism of creation the symptoms from the disease substance functions

the disease is a symptoms of health condition linked with the cause (causative factor )
The symptoms is the determined results of the causative factor functions
the genetic disease linking with the defective gene (causative factor)
the viral diseases linking with the virus (causative factor)
The schizophrenia disease linking with what is ?
if you say ,sz linking with a gene,abnormal chemical substances or anatomical changes —OK
what is the causality relationship between the gene and positive,negative and cognitive symptoms,
or the linkage features between the chemicals and the the symptoms,or the relation between the anatomical changes and the positive,negative and cognitive


I think more neurologist should be involved. Not instead of psychiatrists but it can be hard when they don’t work together.

I’ve been dealing with some neuro issues that aren’t super clear but involve neuropathy and some generalized symptoms. I’ve been rx’d anticonvulsants and they help the schiz tremendously.


Most scientists diagnosis the symptoms such as " paranoia,delusional believes,social withdrawal ,hallucinations,language disorder,cognitive dysfunction …etc)

You can chose any symptom as you like from above or any other symptoms you know ,and explain to us ; how does the defective gene,abnormal biochemicals or anatomical changes producing the symptom (disease features) ?


@panoramic20 i wish you wouldn’t overload threads with junk.


I would trust a psychologist trained in CBT over any psychiatrist any day. A psychologist trained in CBT tries to help you to cope with your mental illness and find methods to work around it. You get to move on with your life. A psychiatrist spends what? ten minutes with you? Then prescribes meds for you to go home and sit on your couch all day?


Identical twins don’t have 100% of genes the same



I made a mistake.

Thanks for the correction.


100 % agree with you !!!


Yeah, I tried to tell the mods that this would be continuous as it happened in the past.


There seems to be no logic or sense to what’s thought acceptable or unacceptable.