Novel disease associations with schizophrenia genetic risk revealed in ~400,000 UK Biobank participants


I contributed to a similar thing over here. It was the Australian Schizophrenic Research Bank but I think it’s changed names. Did a round of tests and took some blood and did MRI’s. I’m glad to hear other countries are doing it as this research and basic tools are there for all in research to have a look at. I would hope they are linked worldwide which would be best outcome.

I would imagine some major breakthroughs in diagnosis at least in the next decade the way things are going.

In most of the articles I have written on this web, I try to clarify and prove that,nothing about the essential nature of the whole SZ condition is known except diagnosing a symptoms and call them a symptoms of sz , and the negative results of the experimental treatment that do not achieve sustainable recovery even to a few hours of a single day

In any medical reference or within a specialized scientific article,there is no clear mention about the essential nature of the condition itself that matches both of what the citizen feels inside himself or/ matches its actual reality whose existential characteristics are embodied in the human nature

All the problems that related everything associated with understanding and explanation the Sz condition are due to that ,all the researchers in the field of SZ who use all methods of objective science,their experiments does not and will not led to knowledge the essential nature of the health condition be called SZ ,because the theoretical idea (s) about it in the first place are not correct from all possible perspectives !

It is impossible to know a single true related the sz condition (whatever you say,think or act ) unless you first know the essential nature of the condition in itself (isolated and independent about the mental health condition and the somatic health condition of the sample !)

I think you’re wrong.

In the case,if you believe that,the sz condition ITSELF is a disease ;
You will not know what the disease is ,pathogen,the disease substance , the pathological changes,mood of effects,the expected reactions on the theoretical /practical leaves,You will not know the antidote that cures this disease (if sz is a disease in the first place

As i say,nothing is known about the sz by the methods of science except its symptoms and the results of treatment !