He wanted a fling

It just occurred to me I have reduced the antipsychotic I might be a little manic

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My sister’s friend in her late 20’s met a guy in a Bar in Scotland. She then brought him back to Canada. He gave her a severe STD and she’s unable to have children now because of it.

I had my first sex when I was manic too. It was with an old childhood friend. I didn’t love him, and he didn’t love me, but I trusted him to keep me safe and make it enjoyable for me. I chose him because I knew he had a lot of sex and knew what he was doing,

Then again, after having sex with him I decided I must be gay, so take what you will from that. I don’t regret it though. It was a good first experience that isn’t marred by unnecessary drama.

He couldn’t have been much of a ‘Don Juan’ if he almost turned you gay after your first time having sex.

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I don’t know this guy met him on Sunday I told my family about him they kicked some sense into me.

No, he was fine. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but he did okay. I just had a lot of weirdly negative feelings that at the time I thought was just me rejecting straight sex. I later realized it was PTSD. Once I dealt with that, sex got a lot better. Nowadays, I tend to go through cycles. Some days I think of myself as mostly straight, and some days I’m mostly gay. Fiance and I make it work. On my gayer days, we just watch lesbian porn together.

Ish, I’m glad your family got to you. You don’t seem like the personality type who would enjoy a fling.