He wanted a fling

You guys no I’ve never had it I feel comfortable round him enough.

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Oh well… Better luck next time. I think those apps are only for those kinds of situations though.

No I just agreed to have sex with him.

Was it a Happy fling at least?
(for both of you?)

Are you sure? This doesn’t sound like you at all

I’m not sure but I don’t want to deprive myself of any such experience.

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Well, I’m not sure to tell you go for it. It’s your first time right? It should be with someone special.
I regret my first time not being with someone special, but just because I wanted to lose my virginity.

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To me it’s not about losing my virginity. I just deprived myself of something so natural for so long out of fear of what anyone might think.

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Guys in general are asses wanting ass. Find someone you care about makes it better. But some people just like the thrill pf random hookups i guess to each their own just think on it a little bit.


I agree with @flameoftherhine don’t worry about depriving yourself of it. When it happens it will happen. If you really want to, then you should do it, don’t feel like you have to, but also don’t feel like you have to listen to us. :slight_smile:

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Your sex life it’s your business not anyone elses. You should do what you’re comfortable with.
Athough it’s natural, guys take advantage too, I’m starting to think he’s taking advantage of the situation.
It’s not my place to say you should wait or not to wait, and I know a lot of women would say go for it, I just think you’re going through a hard time now and you’re not on the best place in your life to make that decision.

Sex is great, doesn’t mean we should do it with anyone.

If you do decide to do it, force him to wear protection.


Def like @Minnii said make him wear protection…some things you cant undue and dont take his word for it anyone can lie dont take any ■■■■ about it…it could cause major health issues for you and like i said some dont go away.

You have to decide what is right for you. Don’t let him use you, and try not to use him.

Just need to make sure to keep my feelings out of this.

Sex will always have a certain meaning to every person. That meaning is different for everyone, but you can never change the meaning for you. You are not someone who views sex as a fun recreational activity.

Also, there is no way to keep emotions out of sex. It releases a ton of hormones, and it makes that person always feel special to you, even years later.

It doesn’t have to be with someone you love or anything, but it should at least be with someone who cares whether or not you’re enjoying yourself, and someone you know will stop if they think you’re uncomfortable.

I am going to ask him to take an STI test if he says no it ain’t happening


Your first post is enough,I support you but make sure your safe!!

Having sex for the first time with some guy you just met on a computer app sounds ridiculous to me. He’s already lied to you once about his daily activities. Now he’s after your Visa.

Run a mile away from this guy, and live to love another day.

My 2 cents.


Gonna take @Patrick’s side on this. I was optimistic when you were telling us about him in the beginning. Looks like this frog has warts, not a prince. Sometimes you are a little hard to read @anon80629714, but if you’re not jaded by saying what you have, I’d ditch that bullshiit. Run away from this toxicity.

Sorry about my previous post,it’s your first time…I shouldn’t have any say,make sure you make a good decision and benefit from your decision