Having trouble establishing routines?

I made a post about my negatives improving.

But I still have to force myself to take showers, clean my home, pay bills etc. This was an issue pre-sz so it’s a fault of my own character.

I don’t understand why I am so lazy?

It takes days of going back and forth thinking about doing something before I finally do it.

I wish I could have some routines. I wish I could work out, shower, take care of myself and my home etc.

It all boils down to me forcing myself to do everything. It’s exhausting! I wish I could have some more motivation.

Caffeine used to help me when I drank like 8-10 cups but that’s not an option anymore.

I don’t know what to do?? I’d like to take care of the basics. Nothing is working.


For me, the “just do it” rule works fine.

I’m like thinking about all the possibilities and searching forn an excuse, when I stop thinking and I just do it, even quick and half assed.


I think you need to practice to just start doing things instead of ruminating about it.

But hey, who am I? I am not great at it either.

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Cut the caffeine down a little bit and you’ll get more done. A lot of things that i feel has to do with how you feel in your environment. I find ways to call my anxiety. Explore your options. But always take time out for yourself. Even when you’re with yourself.

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